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MHOL Musical Spotlight: Songwrtirer Vurdell Muller aka V. Script

  • by Yoey
  • 1 year ago
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MHOL: So when did song writing become yourpassion? How long had you been taking your song writing skills seriously before winning the Ryan Leslie contest in 2008?


V Script: As a child, I heard melodies in my head but I didn’t think much of it. I always had a love for music, in particularly, R. Kelly’s music. His writing style stood out to me and I always analyzed it. So, in high school, I started writing poetry. It was not until Hurricane Katrina that I let one of my boys hear my poetry. After he heard my poetry he said “Bro you need to start writing songs.” and I’ve been writing ever since. Winning the RyanLeslie contest with Blair Taylor was just confirmation that we were destined to make it.

MHOL: Your continuous success as a songwriter brought you to billboard status and afforded you the opportunity to work with Tamar Braxton. Can you describe how you felt to achieve such success?


V Script: Every great writer or artist has a struggle before they make it. But, once they make it they appreciate the ride even more. So, finally getting my very first placement on Tamar Braxton’s last album was a big accomplishment for me. It solidified me to the industry. It’s like making the basketball team then finally making it to the NBA [Laughs]. In the music business nothing happens overnight and the things that do, don’t last long.

MHOL: You were at this time still living here in New Orleans, correct?


V Script: No. I was living in Atlanta when I wrote for Tamar.

MHOL: So, while you were grinding and creating, how many singles hit the billboard charts?


V Script: Yeah. I wrote Rantz Davis’ two singles “Nobody” and “Old thing back”. They both hit the billboard charts while we were still living in New Orleans. That was crazy and unheard of because we did it with original music.

MHOL: Did this play into why you decided to move to Atlanta? Do you feel in order for song-writers/artist to get the exposure they deserve they have to leave NOLA?


V Script: Yes. That definitely played a big part in me leaving New Orleans. At that point I was still unsigned and it didn’t get any bigger than hitting billboards. I felt that I had made my mark in New Orleans. So, it was time to move to a bigger city where the industry was flourishing.


MHOL: You recently started working with Tisha Campbell-Martin. Describe how it’s been working recently with her on new music?


V Script: Tisha Campbell is an amazing singer and a hard worker. People are going to be shock when they hear the records that she’s doing. Her vocals are crisp. So, it’s going to be a big thing, especially since it coming so unexpectedly.


MHOL: Describe how ATL’s music scene is benefiting yourcareer?


V Script: Well, the labels are here, so that create outlets forsongwriters, producers, and artist to get there music out to the “important people” behind the music business such as A&R’s and VP’s. It’s going to continue to benefit my career because now I’m in the middle of the industry where anything can happen.

MHOL: Recently you signed a new management deal can you talk about that and what that means for you in the future?


V Script: I recently signed a management deal with Timeless Music. This was a huge opportunity for me because this is a company that has been in the game for a while and is season at what they do. It is my first time having industry management and I’m truly excited about this opportunity. Atlanta is known for urban music, so the Timeless Music family and I are trying to bring pop Top 40 to Atlanta. Shout out to my team Ross, Lito, and Askia.

MHOL: You are a member of a production team called “SuperFriends” can you describe that situation and who all is involved?


V Script: Super Friends is something me and my brother Edgar started. We are just two people with big hearts, man. We wanted to start something that shows unity and togetherness. Unfortunately, a lot of that is missing from the music industry. So, we definitely wanted to start a production company that represents that. At the end of the day you need a great team to last in this game. So, that’s what the Super friends represent unity, togetherness, and making great music. Super Friends have a big chance to be the face of Atlanta’s pop scene.


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