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Experience that Jaaz specializes in the preparation and execution of hosting customized events, that are centered around lifestyle and relaxation. It is their goal to enhance any social setting by creating a tranquil environment with their personalized array of spa experiences. They aspire to provide an oasis for all of their guests, embracing individuals, couples, and groups. Full with a team of skilled professionals that can accommodate any and all therapeutic and lifestyle events.

Experience that Jaaz
Therapeutic Events and Services
New Orleans, La 70119

Experience that Jaaz
Ambient Services
“Reach your full Potential”
Amenity Essentials:
-Provide ambient services geared towards relaxation
-enhance an occassion or environment with my vintage, yet spa-like approach
-assistance in providing a personal touch to special events and occasions
– goal is to make each client feel unique and special
-This will help people who want to “Jaaz” up an event, to take it outside of the norm, but still keep it personal.
-People use the business bc its a one stop shop for essentials of the event.

Want a Jaaz Experience? Service Menu:



*Experience that Jaaz Massage- custom massage, that releases your body and provides an ultimate state of relaxation. Integrated techniques soothe you for maximum benefit, and therapeutic reflexology eases your mind and connects your body! $100 & up p/p
Touch of Amour: Couple Spa Event
Massage and Detox- Allow yourself complete renewal!! (2ppl)Most loving service option services includes massage and/ or mud mask wrap with aromatherapy reflexology therapy. Choose an aromatherapy scent to enhance your experience and let us cater to you with a Wine and Fruit set-up with or without cheese, Special gift and Proper dress attire. /Travel Included./
$195/$250 (based on time)
Additional Couple Options
Massages and Good Company: This package is a good option for couples who want to add more! If you and your spouse want to have other couples enjoy a night of relaxing and therapeutic events, this is for you! Paint with a twist, and Dinner, along with an “Experience that Jaaz’ massage will leave you and your friends with something to talk about!
( This service is also available for one couple) *consultation required for pricing*
Touch of Bliss: Group Spa Event
Massage and Detox- Allow yourself complete renewal!! Same services as couple’s event, including massage, mud mask wrap, relfexology therapy, but also has the option to customize one service for spa and beauty services i.E: make-up, hair-cut, facial shave, pedicure. (Ask how your package can be upgraded with additional services) This event can be themed with your custom decor ideas. Our team can also assist with an approporiate theme for you.
$500 (10 people)
$15 average travel fee
Additional Group Options : GROUPS OF FOUR OR MORE
Massages and lipstick- All my ladies, this is for you!!! Let us show you some makeup tricks! This service is for the inner party girls who want to have fun! Explore the makeup world and relax with a massage. Don’t be shy, give this service a try!
Massage and Cocktails- This service is meant for a Paaarty!!! Let us set up a variety of options of cocktails for you and the girls and make it a night of relaxation!! Massages as the icing to the cake, and a server to ensure you won’t lift a finger is the night you’ve longed for. Book this service today!
Massages and Girl Talk- This is a special occasion party. It features our special massage service, dinner, and paint with a twist!! If it’s a special occasion, and you want a wow factor, this is it!! We can even theme this event! Tell us more about your event, we’d love to know!!
*requires consult for pricing*
Custom Spa Event- Create your own oasis
Do you have your event planned? Or, is a special occassion coming soon?? We can help. Let us set up an event with all your needs in mind. Give us your theme, ideas, and buget and let us create a package escpecially for you!!!
*All services require a consultation before booking, pricing varies
Any Size!! Couple or Party Options *prices vary by group size*
Massages and Chocolate- Ever heard of a chocolate party?? Well this is our spin.. chocolate soak, along with aromatherapy and hydrotherapy, this service is a sure treat!!!! Tie this experience with a massage and you’ve created something special!!
Massages and Paraffin-Try our custom massage that incorprates paraffin to soften the feet and/ or hands!! This is great for those who want to try something new. This service can cater to any group size!!!
Cucumber and Melon- Allow the fruit to be a snack and a service enhancer!! We will infuse your service with cucumber and melon!!! yummy!!!
Aromatherapy Options- Add aromatherapy to any service!! Choose a scent that add the best benefit for you! We can help, just ask us how!!!
Amenities-A la Carte
Robe and Slippers with personal monagram (couple)-$65 & up
Amenity bag- comination of assorted arrangement and custom essentials (2ppl) $50 & up
Decor/ Special Occassion Set-Up $100 & up
Personalized Items *price varies by item
Embrodery (Individual item) $15 & up
Gift Set $25 & up
Scavenger Hunt- up to 3 locations $250 & up
Surprise Transport -one location -service fee $150 & up plus transpot cost
Special Delivery $150 & up
Individual Service with travel: Massage, Makeup, Grooming, etc.
Massage $100/ $150
Facial $75
Makeup- $60-$75
Manicure – $25
Pedicure – $35
Hair- requires consultation
Customize your idea- Have your own creation? We can bring it to life!
Gift memorabillia:
Personalized Wine Glasses $10 and up
Embrodered Robe/Slipper Set and gift bag $100 and up
Custom Packaged goodies and favors- requires consultation
Touch of New Orleans: The New Orleans Special
Want to do something special? Enjoy a New Orleans Style traditional Dinner and Setup. Have a private chef create a unique dish that can only be found in NEW ORLEANS! Pair that with relaxing service and custom ambiance. Choose the New Orleans experience theme where all gifts and decor are city style culture, or you can include your own theme or idea for a special occasion. Hotel accomadation can also be arrannged to enhance your expeience.
This setup can also be done with New Orleans style goodies! Enjoy a relaxing service with mud mask wrap, reflexology soak, and massage!! Pair this service with your favorite New Orleans treats. We will also include a theme that captures the essence of The Big Easy.
$295 (couple)
$150-$300 (dinner)
$95 p/p (group)
*dinner varies with groups*
*Hotel rate varies with room size and date availability*

**Ambiance Set -oasis set up that includes wine, wine glasses, fruit display, candles, robes, slippers, spa linens, warm stones, aromatherapy, ambient music, and a gift!**

Imaging Event/ Event Preparation- Let Experience that Jaaz Partner with your business to enhance your services and/ or create an event that highlights an oasis for your clients.
plan an event that enforces the need’s of the company by structuring an outline of guidelines and using the event to highlight the development
i.e.. V.I.P Services and Hospitality Setup, photgrapgher, literature, decor, ambiance, unique, elegance, structured, outined intenary, protocol, image consulting, branding, balance, positive enlighment, spiritual heightening for the company and cleansing, detail, study business and provide analalysis for event, service, trained professionals, diverisfied knowledge, cutting edge performance
*consultation needed*
Lifestyle Therapy
This is a class set up for athletes and active groups who need therapy training and streching. We will actively assist you with our unique technique. Benefits of this service are those simular to fitness and yoga workouts. The major difference is a therapist will be providing streching and ROM techniques with the client’s assistance as needed. The purpose is to teach clients techiques for daily therapy that they can do at home for maintainence and enhancing their way of life
$tarting @ $10
On the Go Therapy
Focus Session- Massage that focuses on a particular body area. Session lasts 30 minutes
$50 w/ travel
Hour Session- Customized massage session. This is whole body experience geared to focus on individual’s needs
$100 w/ Travel
Hour and a half session- This is also a customized massage session. This session is for those who want extended, indepth therapy.
Reflexology – This session is for the feet, and can also incorporate the hands. Relieve body tension and aching muscles with this service. 30 min
$45 with travel
Series Therapy
10 sessions- hour long sessions that are geared to aid pain relief and/ or discomfort. These sessions are designed for guests that want to achieve results for chronic issues and lifestyl
e habbits.
$800 w/ Travel (5 sessions $400)
Srubs and Wraps
Enhance your service with a scrub or wrap. Option available for upgrade during massage or facial $50(massage) $30 (facial) $20( back scrub only)

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“LIVE FAST DIE FLY” Nick Reed is not the typical New Orleans native. Even with an B.A. in Journalism and Creative Writing from Xavier University, it has been said that he was always different. Through fashion and creative writing Nick has always found a way to express himself. He is the owner of So Authentic promotional group and was a former Editor-in chief of the Xavier Herald. Over the past few years he and partner Yoey Yo have developed My HELL OF A LIFE and GFC clothing brand in hopes to change the world. Their main goal is to just make the world a little more fresh.

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