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French Montana Goes From Khloe Kardashian To Radio Intern?!

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This story just makes no sense to me.

Mariela Sanchez, a 23-year-old radio intern in Lawrence, Massachusetts, basically broadcasted her whole experience with French Montana  on KISS 108. She said French made a pass at her during an interview she conducted while he was on tour.  The “interview” took place on a tour bus in an environment  that Sanchez described as “surrounded by a bunch of girls.” This all happened after Sanchez followed him around the club and practically begged him for an interview.

Mariela said when she met French in the VIP area, he said his manager:

“I’ll give her the interview. But first, I have to interview her.’

French kicks out all the other girls and takes my cell phone away. Before he takes my phone, he says, ‘Here, call me so I can have your number in case you get lost.’ I have his number, that’s my proof. We’re making small talk, then he says, ‘Let’s go to my tour bus so we can do the interview.”


Sanchez swiftly denied French in a defense that she had way too much to lose being an upcoming entertainment journalist. Sanchez claims French tried to then force himself on her.

She continued to explain what happened, she said:

“He climbs on top of me. ‘I say, ‘I’m not about this life. I have morals. I have a lot to lose.’ He says, ‘I have a lot to lose, too. You know that I have a girlfriend!’

He wouldn’t get off me. I had to double push.”

This all brings an eyebrow raise and a side eye if you ask me…

And apparently Khloe has no idea what’s going on, YET because the two were spotted out Wednesday happy-go-lucky but I’m sure once she gets a whiff of it she is going to have his head. Not to mention it will just validate what everybody’s been telling her about Frenchie; which is that he’s no good for her. I like these two together, I hope it all works out.

I’ll be sure to keep y’all posted!

Listen to the entire interview here:


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