G4 No Gus No Glory 2 (Album Review)

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Article Written By: Mario “Yoey” Martin

The album starts in a true G4 aka Negus vibe smooth gangster over beats. One of the best Lyricist coming from New Orleans G4 attacks the first track with ease reminding us all he still here and keeping it pushing forward in this game. Next is the lead single “Pillow to Post” where he wakes up the doubters with his consistent metaphors jumping in exact cadence with the drum patterns. Watch Video here!

One thing we all can appreciate is when a artist lets you in to their true life experiences and show some vulnerability. The song 1602 does just that as G4 describes a tragic moment in his life finding his Father dead in his home. It’s a track fans of G4 I’m sure can appreciate him opening up and speaking true emotions.

Now evident by the cover of No Gus No Glory 1 and 2, G4 music has new found inspiration in his lyrics after becoming a father to his own son G5 you hear it often throughout the album making references to securing a nice future for his son and how he knows he has to be there proving guidance in his child life. It’s extremely evident on the album same title track “NoGusNoGlory” where he raps ” I was just waking up to my son every morning, and that Nigga was looking at me. He was just looking like go make a play, he was just looking like what I’m eat, looking like go make a move, he was just looking like where I’m sleep”

Other notable tracks “Mona Lisa” featuring RnB crooner T-3 and “Mood” both good tracks targeted at his lady fans real quick as he is known to do for his female fan base if you remember Gus dropping the Girl$ Girl$ Girl$ EP. 

Also some other solid tracks to ride to were Bali, Old Grits, Overseas, and my personal favorite track off the album “Big Shot” with fellow New Orleans rapper Nesby Phips. The two let their lyrical skills shine using their New Orleans vernacular kicking big shit like true Big Shots. 

I enjoyed this album from start to finish as G4 plants another flag in the ground to keep his name in the argument of who is the next big artist to arise out of the gumbo pot of New Orleans betting on him wouldn’t be a bad odds. 

Overall I rate the Album a B+! 

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