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By Stephanie Smith-Strickland for Selectism

Etro was never a linear journey. Rather, it is, and remains: “an endless succession of ideas intended as creation, a sum of interwoven insights, which nurture one another, move apart and then find each other again: it is a swollen river that overruns and changes reality.”

How does one trace the progression of such a journey? Where does one begin? How does one reach an end if the journey itself continues? With the release of its first monographic book, Etro explores these questions through a narrative as non-linear as the brand’s own history in fashion.

Published by Rizzoli, the 376 page photographically-rich retrospective is split into seven thematic parts. Each section concentrates on the creative vision of one member of the Etro family. These descendants of Gimmo Etro — the brand’s founder — are joined by distinguished friends who have made the subject of each chapter’s theme their life work.

The narrative slips gently between thematic elements, rippling occasionally, but never truly interrupted; there is an overarching idea regarding the nature of creativity which subtly connects each theme back to Etro’s inventive past. It all ends where it began: the paisley motif. It is Etro’s proud hallmark of individuality and no collection is complete without it. First used by founder Gimmo Etro, the unifying motif is a fitting way to close the first seven chapters in the evolving life of Etro.

You can purchase the Etro book for $85.

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