Kanye West Talks Creativity and Genius in ‘GQ’ Cover Shoot (Director’s Cut)

  • by Nick
  • 6 Years ago
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Never before seen footage has surfaced from Kanye West‘s August 2014 GQ spread. The 37-year-old talks about taking his voice and influence seriously, taking things to a genius level, and taking chances at being hated in order to bring innovative creations to the world. “For me it’s a fight, because most people are satisfied with ‘it’s good.’ Most people are satisfied with a 10. It’s not to just stop at 10… 10 is ground zero. Perfection is ground zero. We need to take things to a genius level.” He continues, “Michelangelo decides he wants to sculpt, it could be a bunch of sculptors that are like ‘No, you’re a painter.’ But he’s Michelangelo, and I am Kanye West.”

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“LIVE FAST DIE FLY” Nick Reed is not the typical New Orleans native. Even with an B.A. in Journalism and Creative Writing from Xavier University, it has been said that he was always different. Through fashion and creative writing Nick has always found a way to express himself. He is the owner of So Authentic promotional group and was a former Editor-in chief of the Xavier Herald. Over the past few years he and partner Yoey Yo have developed My HELL OF A LIFE and GFC clothing brand in hopes to change the world. Their main goal is to just make the world a little more fresh.

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