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Keshia Chante In The Running For Aaliyah’s Biopic? [Audition Video]

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The word is out! There is an Aaliyah biopic making its way to VH1, and it looks as though BET’s 106 & Park host Keshia Chanté is in the running for the part! Hmmm I’m not sure if I agree with this, I barely like her as a host. Apparently, for as long as there’s been talks of an Aaliyah biopic, there’s been talks of Keshia Chanté playing the part. She’s been in the front running for the role for so long that many first heard of her as “the girl who’ll be playing Aaliyah.” And that was all scheduled to happen in 2008, until production was halted because Aaliyah’s family wasn’t completely on board with the idea of a movie. Interesting…

Hear what Keshia said back in 2012:

What I will say is…I did meet a few people production company wise that are developing the Aaliyah movie and they spoke to me about playing her in the biopic of her life. And from my understanding, there are people trying to create a movie and Aaliyah’s family are still mourning her loss and aren’t ready to share her story and create a film. So there’s a bit of back and forth thing with her family and with creative people.

…unfortunately from my understanding they don’t have complete control of her estate. So a movie could technically be made without them green lighting it and I kind of think that’s unfortunate. So I want her family to be on board and to be happy with it. It’s still kind of lingering in the air. I would love to play the part. I’m a huge fan of Aaliyah…I would want to do it justice and exceed people’s expectations of it.

Now, its 2014 and the film is set to move forward, and the host of 106 & Parks will be auditioning once again.

She posted this picture on her Facebook with the caption:

Keisha Chante

The Audition

Speak On It : Do You think she has what it takes? Looks can only take you so far.

Check out her acoustic cover of One In A Million



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