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  • MHOL Editorial: The P.O.S System By Laycee Taylor

MHOL Editorial: The P.O.S System By Laycee Taylor

  • by Yoey
  • 4 Years ago
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Proclamations from a Peculiar PrimaDonna
Pussy on Strike
(The P.O.S system)
The Defaults
Being Celibate Has Made Me “Sexier”.
Because Im in the GYM everyday to RELEASE all of that PINNED UP energy now …THAT’S WHY DAMIT…
But in all seriousness, many people for many different reasons look to practice abstinence or celibacy from sexual activity. Reasons varying as much as a variety box of condoms, you never know what will have you f*cked up. In some cases , it is redemption from ones colorful past sexual life “God told me stop being a “high speed turbo thot so I can find my husband ” The Self Proclaimed Born Again Virgin. There is the one-sided use and abuse case “The Jenny Why won’t you love me back?!? ” The Forrest Gump Disorder . And finally, the “Universe” classic “ I’m trying to find myself” Life Crisis Mode Activated. Pregnancy, STD scares, little wang-wang or unconfident meow cat all fit into the central line up of reasons also. Whichever reason it may be, choosing to be celibate is an embarkment onto a totally ridiculous and frustrating , yet undeniably spiritual path of enlightenment. However , there are also those who practice celibacy for an underlying and quite mind boggling reason.

The glitch in the matrix is …
What if you are celibate
by default ?
How in the hell are you celibate by default ?!?

Def : Celibacy By Default
When your standards are set so
So high for everything or everyone you do
that you’d just rather not share it than settle.

yeah. Sounds Cheeky right ?
Not really .

Mind over Matter the use of willpower is a motherfu**er .
Selfishness can actually be a great thing when it comes to accomplishing and conquering things that you want.

All you’ve gotta do is put your mind to the sh*t.
Lil Wayne can shout out “Money over Bitches”
and people will “quote , end quote it” forever,
but not actually take the advice.
walking around happy gonads and depressed wallets and goals.
My “P*ssy has been On Strike” for a long while now.. (thus the term The P.O.S system) So long of a while ,that I really think that it would be damn near impossible to cross the picket line….someone just might get hurt.

It’s not that I don’t want to
I’m human  and yes pornhub.com is real.
It’s just that I am one of the many females in the world that believe majority of males are out to just “bang bang bang” and not “know know know”. With today’s over hyper-sexualized society hailing “Ran-a-Train-on-Run Walks” & “ #ThotsBeWinning” movements targeted towards female empowerment . It’s your p*ssy do what you want to with it , just don’t belittle others in the process … Mine’s is just stuck -up.

When telling people Im good on the meat factory , there are so many questions asked that I feel like I’m being interrogated for plotting a terrorist attack. OMG Why are you doing that ?! Are you crazy ? You are going to blow up. So do you at least feel yourself Kamikaze ?
Well, My Sushi is tight rolled so when I do pop off I won’t have a problem with him slipping out easy….. * paints finger nails*
After the questions come, the constant unmerciful teasing begins.
Got your cobwebs cleaned off yet ?!?
Maybe you’d be less of a B*tch… Ms. B*tchy No D*ck Face.
*Unwraps birthday gift * Surprise !!!!  It’s a bottle of lube and a Rabbit -_-.
with a card that says “ the dildo would have prob hurt too much.
Happy Birthday Nun .

A day in the life of a female 20-something celibate.
The main question that I get and answer non-sarcastically is
are you waiting until you get married ?.
Not Quite.
I’m waiting until I find a great friend, a muse, an awesome opposite that can make me better ..not just give me a better hour or less every once in a while.
And the moral of this story

I Clearly Don’t Give A F*ck .


The Peculiar Primadonna

Laycee-Joyce Taylor

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“Live good Drink good Eat good” Graduate of Dillard University majoring in Public Relations/Brand Imaging. A New Orleans Native but born in Memphis,TN. Was raised as a Air Force brat having lived before in Germany and visited frequently to countries like England and France. While living in Europe a love for fashion and all things extravagant became a lifestyle easy to embrace. Returning to New Orleans fashion still played a major role in life for him. Now partnering with long time friend Nick to create the chic cultural blog site Myhellofalife.com Yoey is focused more than ever on making his dreams a reality, while doing what he enjoys the most; enjoying a hell of a life.

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