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  • MHOL Industry Spotlight: Meet Chef Derek Robinson, The Culinary Hustler

MHOL Industry Spotlight: Meet Chef Derek Robinson, The Culinary Hustler

  • by Yoey
  • 3 Years ago
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Chef Derek Robinson, also known as madchef, is not your ordinary 23 year old, nor is he your average Chef. Chef Derek has mastered the art of the culinary hustle, something few people in his age group have managed to do.

Just three years after graduating from culinary school, Derek has debuted a line of 3 New Orleans influenced seasoning blends that will suit the flavor palette of even the most discriminatory eater.

Derek has captured the essence of New Orleans cuisine in a 5 oz. bottle and hopes to one day become a favorite amongst flavor connoisseurs nationwide. He’s been coined the culinary hustler because of his ability to understand the importance of not only hard work, but smart work.

Robinson had this to say…

“Being an entrepreneur is rewarding, it’s a peace of mind, I’ve gained much more than just money.” Most people who work a job are stressed out at the end of the day, working for myself it’s a whole different story.”

A different story that, perhaps, never would have been.

“I didn’t decide I wanted to be a chef until after my first semester of college, I was going for general studies, but the same chef my mom graduated under spoke to me, which inspired me to major in the arts, I switched from general studies to culinary arts.”

Once Derek graduated from culinary school, he wanted to create an avenue for himself to stand out amongst a lineup of talented chefs that occupy his hometown, New Orleans, LA.

“The thing is, in New Orleans, a lot of people can cook, but not many have products. I wanted to have a line of products that represented me as a chef, my seasonings envelope the flavors I try to infuse in everything I cook.”

“When I cook for people I try to wow them with every bite, I want my people to taste every single flavor in every single bite.”

With 3 grocery stores in 3 different states now carrying ChefGoneMad Seasoning Blends, Chef Derek has definitely wowed the people, making his journey to nationwide success, just that much shorter.

How did Derek get so far, so fast?  Simply put.

“I honestly set my self apart because I don’t look at anyone as competition, I’m the youngest chef who’s doing what I’m doing on this level. I learn from the chef’s I admire, I don’t compete with them.”

Chef Gone Mad Seasonings are available online at www.bookmadchef.net and in three grocers:

S Xpress in New Orleans, LA, Cousins Supermarket in Camden, NJ and Cousins Supermarket in Philadelphia, PA.

Before long, these seasonings will be in a store near you!

Article Written and Arranged By: Jana Graber

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“Live good Drink good Eat good” Graduate of Dillard University majoring in Public Relations/Brand Imaging. A New Orleans Native but born in Memphis,TN. Was raised as a Air Force brat having lived before in Germany and visited frequently to countries like England and France. While living in Europe a love for fashion and all things extravagant became a lifestyle easy to embrace. Returning to New Orleans fashion still played a major role in life for him. Now partnering with long time friend Nick to create the chic cultural blog site Myhellofalife.com Yoey is focused more than ever on making his dreams a reality, while doing what he enjoys the most; enjoying a hell of a life.

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3 Comments Already

  1. So good to see young entrepreneurs making an impact!

  2. I got this seasoning from a friend in New Orleans on a vacation.. I live in Dallas the best Cajun seasoning I have ever had and I have tried a few.. he gonna put slap your momma outta business no comparison #Period

  3. Love it! Don’t need anything else in your kitchen!

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