MHOL Q&A With Shorty + ‘I Might’ Ft. Juvenile x Kidd Kidd (Audio)

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Recently Mario aka Yoey Yo of got a chance to speak with NOLA Artist Shorty about his new single “I Might” featuring Kidd Kidd and Juvenile. See what shorty had to say below..

Q: I’m sure fans have been noticing the recent frequent collaborations between fellow NOLA rapper Kidd Kidd and yourself  can you tell us how this all came about?

Shorty: I’ve always thought that Kidd Kidd was a dope artist growing up. We met a couple years ago through a mutual friend and we did our first song called “In My Feelings”. Since then, our relationship and respect as artists grew for one another. One day, I saw him in the streets and I told him that we should do a joint album. I didn’t think that he would do it with me. He called me back a couple days later and said “What’s up with us doing the album together?” Since then we went to a studio together and completed a 12 song project called “You’re Welcome”.

Q: With the new record “I mIght” also featuring Nola legend Juvenile can you tell us how you came to work with Juvie and what type of influence did he have on you musically coming up behind him in New Orleans? 

Shorty: “I Might” is the second single off of the show are you and Kidd Kidd collaborative album. This song originally was myself and Kidd’s record, but I had an opportunity to put Juvenile on it. When that opportunity presented itself, I went with my move because I just couldn’t pass up on it. Juvenile definitely had an impact on me and really, the entire New Orleans coming up.  He was one of the leading group members of my favorite group of all time “The Hot Boys”. So of course, as a youngster, I wanted to be a Hot Boy and now I have a record with one of the original Hot Boys. Lastly, Turk (another original Hot Boy) just hopped on the “I Might” remix.

Q: What does this new single a”I Might” mean for you and what can we expect next from you new mixtape? Or album soon? 

Shorty: This new “I Might” record means the world to me because I am on side of two New Orleans legends. I am dropping two projects – one that is strictly Hip-Hop and R&B and the other one which is the collaborative project with Kidd Kidd that’s filled with clever bars and metaphors. These two projects will change the world

Q: Musically and Just life in general what’s been some things inspiring you and you’re space of creativity right now? 

Shorty: The ability to create timeless music and my family/friends seeing my growth has been the inspiration to me. I basically switch my entire style and found my lane, so when you hear these projects expect the unexpected.

Q: Can we expect a tour or any upcoming shows? 

Shorty: You can definitely expect to see me on a couple of upcoming tours as well as meaningful shows in a city near you.

Twitter: shorty_world

Facebook: young shorty

Instagram: shortyworld1

Snapchat: shortyworld1

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