MHOL StreetWear Spotlight /// A Brand You Should Know..FLOATN!

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I recently sat down with one of the hottest brands coming out of New Orleans FLOATN. I got a chance to talk with the mastermind behind it all the young talented, and innovative Rico he spoke to me about the clothes, his vision for the brand and where he see’s it all going.

When he first started this it was just for him and his crew, but soon he would see that people was asking for the shirts him and about 15 of his friends would wear out to popular parties. He quickly realized that there could be money to be made like a true hustla would. Rico thought to his self we need to make this official and really brand this! Once that idea was there he reached out to a friend of his who attends Kansas City Art Institute. The two of them came up with the O with the double Xs.


“You know we like to party so the O with two Xs is how we look at the end of the night” -Rico

FL   Rico tells me he feel his brand is different from the others because of the work ethic him and his crew are willing to put into this. “We doing 600 or 700  shirts a month”, The young man knows he has a wave and he is capitalizing on it all. Rico explained to me that he feels he was placed in this position because he was smart and knew how to get his ideas out. He told me I stay humble because my friends depend on me and I depend on them. Im having fun working with my team, we been friends since we were young boys he told me. He then quickly told me “New Orleans taught me a work ethic” there are millions of brands out there but Rico feels New Orleans taught him how to be competitive. “I don’t hate when I hear about others success, but it make me want to get back in the lab and create. Yes I’m happy for your success but I got 10 other dudes with me who trying to eat too”.


Rico brand is growing constantly it has been worn by superbowl winner Jacoby Jones and rapper Famous Stranger. Rico is happy to see the love his brand is receiving, he explained to me that he loves being able to provide something positive for him and his friends to be doing in such a troubling city as New Orleans. “Everybody really wants to be something” , he explained to me. Rico knows that what he has created can be big and be something the youth behind him can follow in his example.

And Rico and his brand are not just limited to selling t-shirts. Floatin also is in the music business with their own rap group and Rico himself directs/produce the videos under the name “Veteran Visuals”.

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