NBA Finals Game 2 Preview: Bench Mob

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Article Written by: Steve Dooley IV

Cavs vs Warriors: Game 2 Preview

Gearing up for Game 2 its hard not to feel confident if your a Golden State supporter.Cleveland’s game plan was not bad at all but their efficiency was horrible. The pace Golden St. played at overwhelmed the Cavs. The best example is not that the Warriors’ bench out scored Cleveland by 35 points, it was the fact the Cavs missed 28 shots in the paint on Thursday night.

Lebron, Kyrie and Love combined for 66 points but their impact was minimal because of their percentage. Shooting 43% from the floor, Cleveland is hard pressed to make this a series if their big 3 are not able to improve on their shooting. The Cavs lack of ball movement proved to be their undoing in Game 1. The stagnant movement of the ball allowed the Warriors to control the paint and led to most of Cleveland shots being highly contested. Cleveland did do a great job on the boards and getting to the
stripe but committing as many turnovers as assist (17) negates both out rebounding and shooting more free throws than the Dubs. Golden St. led by Shaun Livingston’s 20 points looked fresh and energized after getting past OKC.

The Warriors are known for their depth but Game 1 was legendary for the Dubs bench. Golden St.’s“Bench Mob” not only dropped 45 points, they shot 59 % on 19-32 from the floor, 3-5 from deep, 16 boards with 10 assist. Keys to Victory for Cleveland: Don’t change much accept for slow the game down more. Rushing easy attempts combined with shooting quick 3’s only fuel Golden St.’s fastbreak and transition three game.
Stick with the game plan but be more efficient. Continue to crowd the Splash Bros. as often as they can and switch less on Defense.Golden St. Keys to Victory:Involve Andre Iguodala early again. Continue to rely on depth and pace. Be patient in
pick and rolls because the Cavs will be more aggressive tonight. Harrison Barnes has to stay involved for the pressure to stay on Cleveland throughout tonight. Barnes needs to score about 15 a night for things to stay spaced for the Warriors. Klay and Steph have to be Klay and Steph tonight.
I just believe Cleveland has built themselves too much in the Warriors’ image with the hopes of beating GS at their own game. Even though Irving and Love were absent in last year’s Finals doesn’t mean the Cavs are in better shape to win this time around. Simply put never get in a pissing contest with a skunk!!!….WARRIORS 103/CAVS 93…Enjoy.

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