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New Orleans Tops List As Most Expensive U.S. Destination For 2015 NYE

  • by Yoey
  • 6 Years ago
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New Orleans is the most expensive US destination in which to spend New Year’s Eve, according to a new survey.

After collecting the minimum room rates for hotels on December 31 across 30 major destinations across the US, TravelMag.com deduced that New Orleans is the priciest city for lodging, clocking in at $359 for the most affordable double room. That’s 300 percent higher than off-peak rates.

Only hotels with at least three stars were considered for the ranking.

Not far behind is Atlantic City, which recorded the biggest price jump — a whopping +586 percent — over the holidays, at $350 for New Year’s Eve.

At the other end, Los Angeles emerged one of the most affordable destinations, with the minimum hotel rate of $209.

Here are the most expensive destinations for overnight stays booked on December 31. The second number reflects the percentage difference for the least expensive rate for the following week.

1. New Orleans $359 (+ 302%)
2. Atlantic City $350 (+ 586%)
3. New York City $345 (+287%)
4. Miami Beach $313 (+ 144%)
5. Honolulu $284 (+ 162%)
6. Nashville $284 (+ 167%)
7. Denver $269 (+ 108%)
8. Las Vegas $249 (+ 117%)
9. Savannah $223 (+ 153%)
10. Los Angeles $209 (+ 36%)

Source: Luxuo

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