One Of The Most Annoying Texts: “WYD”

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One of my biggest pet peeves is getting a text from somebody that has absolutely no meaning behind it.

WYD, is the most common text that I absolutely can’t stand for a number of reasons. One, is because it’s a very abrassive text; like it has an undertone of “tell me what you’re doing, or else” . Another reason is because I feel like your just being nosey; like “I just want to see what you’re doing so I can ask you to do something for me”. The most annoying one of all is the one that has nothing to do with nothing…(see picture below)


This is a real conversation I had with someone yesterday. Somebody PLEASE tell me what was the purpose of asking me “wyd”.

Keep in mind that this is a guy who is trying to pursue a relationship with me. #reasonswhyimstillsingle

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  1. This is sooo a pet peeve of mine. ugh!

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