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Prosper Jones talks on creating “Freestyle” beat for Paasky with Myhellofalife.Com

  • by Yoey
  • 6 Months ago
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Mario “Yoey” Martin was able to reach out to Prosper Jones and ask about the new track he recently produced for Paasky “Freestyle”. Here is what he had to say below..

Yoey: How did this track magic happen Paasky jumping on ya beat for “Freetsyle”?

Prosper: It was pretty organic. Outside of rap, I’ve been cool with P for years. We met in like 9th grade. We did our first collab in 2012 for his intro on “Ready to die 2”. This time around we really just linked up and got to work. The good energy has always been there and it shows in the work we have done together thus far.
Yoey: Which do you prefer making a beat or rapping over a track?

Proseper: That’s a tough one man. I have an equal love for both. I also love performing my music. But if I HAD to choose I would say making the track. I love the fact that I can manipulate sound. When I really understood that I could control vibrations and moods with my music I became addicted.

Yoey: Did you have Paasky in mind while creating this beat?

Prosper: Believe it or not I had Jay-Z in mind. He’s one of my favorite all time artists. I have a library of beats ready for the day I meet him.I actually made freestyle like 5 years ago. I was doing a bunch of beat battles so I was going for a bigger sound at the time.But when I played it for P in our session I was more than happy to let him rock with it. I knew it was something the culture needed and he would do it justice.

Yoey: What song did you sample for this beat?

Prisoner: Al Green – Everything’s ok

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