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Rihanna Covers Harper’s Bazaar Magazine’s “The New Modesty” Issue

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One  wouldn’t think of Rihanna when they hear the word “modesty”, but Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Magazine seemed to find her as the one. The 26-year old is known for her revealing fashion choices and posing almost completely nude for other magazine’s so it may be a shocker to most that she is FULLY covered in this shoot!

The Magazine tagged the cover with ‘Rihanna of Arabia: The new modesty, cover up in style,’ the magazine shoot shows the S&M singer as she has never been seen before – clothed.

The Barbadian beauty wears multiple “updated” versions of traditional Middle Eastern clothing as well as couture head scarfs and veils. For the cover, she conceals her face according to Muslim tradition with a mesh veil, which starts at the top of her head and ties at her neck in a giant ornate bow.

Check out the images below:

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2 Comments Already

  1. Classis Rih Rih swag right here

  2. Lovely. Love the art direction that the eastern Vogues always give. The Vogue collection would be complete with South African Vogue.

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