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Written By: Mario “Yoey” Martin

Recently I was in discussion with my colleagues and it came to my attention how Maybach Music Group is still at the forefront of Hip Hop, with little to no one really realizing their true dominance in this era.  Rick Ross along with business partner Gucci Pucci has built what they are referring to as the Untouchable Maybach Empire and I will put my voice out there and say I agree with them. MMG is dominating the radio air waves from coast to coast here in the U.S. But don’t get it twisted Rozay has also caught the attention of European crowds, touring to London, Amsterdam and even as far east as Dubai late last year. Now with 2014 in full swing Ross is traveling across the U.S. as well as a trip back to London in June. With all this happening Ross is not shy to show off his success, like with his recent purchase of former Heavy-Weight Champion Evander Holyfield 109-room Mansion in Atlanta. Rick Ross also is beginning to show his business savvy after buying a couple Wing-Stops, and realizing its potential to generate a lot more revenue he now has acquired another 25 franchises!  We can watch here as Ross shows off a new toy he bought himself recently The 2014 Rolls Royce Wraith..

Now lets focus a little bit on the crew more importantly Wale and Meek Mill. Wale is having the time of his life and its evident after leaving his prior interscope deal and coming on board to be MMGenius as he refers to himself. His last two albums “Ambition” and “The Gifted” both released under MMG has gained him more attention than ever with prominent songs like “Lotus Flower Bomb”, “Ambition”, and “Bad” Featuring Rihanna.  Not to mention Wale being the first rap artist ROC Nation decided to manage not bad for the DC Native.

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Wale is not limiting himself to just the music though, as he has now introduced his new business venture Wkring Title, a new headwear brand that he plans to have his collection in select boutiques throughout the country later this year. While this is going on Wale is staying busy as he is working on a fourth album, and mixtape featuring legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld set to come out later this summer. So stay tuned for new music from Mr. Folarin.


Now where do we begin with Meek Milly aka Meek Mill or whatever you want to call this young Philly native.  Well, I like to start with saying its been a long time since someone’s debut album intro track be the hottest song in the club for almost a year like Meek’s was, if ever. Just think of the amount of Memes and Vine videos that referenced Meek Mill’s “Dream and Nightmares” Intro, this past year. With that being said you can argue that Meek is the hottest street artist out even over his boss Rozay. And Meek is embracing it all. The self-proclaimed Bike Life King constantly feeds the streets and his fans with his high speed flashy lifestyle post on instagram daily. Now somewhere in between partying, riding dirt bikes, recording tracks, oh and more partying Meek has inked a deal with Puma! I guess watching Ross reebok deal and Wale’s Beanie Caps, Meek was beginning to feel a little left out. Rumor has it Meek’s Puma deal was worth about a $1Million.


Later this summer Meek Mill plans to drop his sophomore album ‘Dreams Worth More Than Money’, and I can tell you many people are ready to see what he has in store. Meek dropped a freestyle video about a month ago preparing his fans for the upcoming album check it out below..

Meek also released a song last week featuring Rick Ross entitled “Off The Corner” it has picked up some steam already, but at this time we are unsure if its a official new single or a freebie. Stay tuned to for more details on Meek’s upcoming album.

MMG other crew members Stalley, Rockie Fresh, and Omarion have been staying busy as well. Stalley touring off his last mixtape Honest Cowboy, which had a stand out single “Swangin” Featuring Houston Legend Scarface.  Omarion also right now has a nice mixtape-single called “I Like It” that may be featured on his upcoming album entitled “Love & Other Drugs”. This will be Maybach O’s first album release under the MMG label, with some help from his label mates and great marketing I’m sure he will have a hit song off this project. Chicago native Rockie Fresh is similar to Stalley, meaning he had a core following, that followed him over to MMG. Now as a member with this HipHop giant Rockie has wasted no time mimicking his crew members. Rockie Fresh has recently scored himself a Puma endorsement deal.  He is currently touring off his latest mixtape “Electric Highway” that currently has over 250,000+ downloads.

Rick Ross hasn’t stopped with building his empire, Recently introducing new comers DC Native Fat Trel and Atlanta’s own Tracy T. Already you see the confidence he puts behind the two new rhyme spittas doing numerous collabs with both including a statement song with Young Jeezy “War Ready” on his latest MASTERMIND album Tracy T catches the attention of many with his high energetic chorus.


Fat Trel is getting straight to work already releasing his first MMG assisted mixtape “Gleesh” with 50,000 downloads on DatPiff to date. My personal favorite song off the mixtape is “Rich As F**k” a high energy track proclaiming his new MMG flashy lifestyle.  Fellow necomer Tracy T also is gearing up to release his first MMG DJ Scream hosted mixtape entitled ‘Wolf Of All Streets” we will have to stay tuned to see when that will be available for download.


The dominance of MMG continues to reign supreme, I wrote this article to highlight how the untouchable empire is still on the rise with no sights of slowing down. We can all wait and see how much larger this group of MCs can grow as they have proven to be a true powerhouse. MMG is a household name in the Hip Hop arena and attempting to cross over to mainstream audiences.

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