Top 5 Apps That Will Expand Your Social Group

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Nowadays, almost everything you do can be accompanied by an app.

Your experience of hobbies, travel, sports and gaming are all enhanced by complementary apps that enrich your day to day life, delivering additional information, support and learning around whichever area of life you choose to become involved.

We’ve shown you the best five apps you can get for your iPhone, but that only scratched the surface of the wealth of content out there. What if you’re looking to expand your social group? Are there apps that can help with that? Of course, there’s an app for everything!

We’ve put together a list of the best five apps with features or designs to make it easier to help you meet new people.

Hike with Me

It would be impossible to list the specific apps for every hobby, but as a great example if you’re a walker looking for someone to share your passion with, there’s the cracking app

Like traditional dating apps such as Tinder, it uses a question-based system to build up a profile of you but applies those metrics not to dating, but to hiking. It will use the locations, the type of challenge you like to face and a whole lot more before pitching you with matches.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends became part of pop culture when it featured on sitcom Big Bang Theory. The Huff Post reports that one of the characters from the show, Sheldon Cooper, was seen playing with Steven Hawkins.

The premise of the game is very much like Scrabble, only you’re connected to every other player across the world. If you meet someone in real life, you can add them as a friend on the game. It will link to your social media accounts, but also throw up suggested opponents who you do not know; a great way to meet new people. There’s a chat function too, meaning you can exchange messages while you play.


Meetup is perhaps a more direct app purely designed to help you make friends. On the Go Solo examine the key features and reveal that over 3m took part in ‘meetups’ through the app, which makes it a market force.

It’s easy to use, it’s free but it’s also got plenty of other users, which means a bigger selection of possible new friends for you to meet.

Kings of Glory

Kings of Glory is a hugely popular app in Asia. It focuses on the popular team battle strategy and allows you to participate in a team of five against other players to battle for success. It’s a formula that has been successful on consoles and is now finding traction via mobile devices. Apps and online gaming is a booming industry across the world, not least in Asia.

Digital gaming magazine ExpatBets highlights how the industry is seeing huge growth right now in Asia. Kings of Glory (also known as Honor of Kings) had 53.8 million daily users in the last quarter of 2018. In the early part of 2019, that rose to an astounding 92 million daily active users teaming up and making friends. Popular multiplayer console game PUGB was design in South Korea and is another of the most popular apps in China.


Nextdoor is another app designer to help you make friends, but again with an interesting and unique twist. It is very much a location-based and allows you to create groups within your locality, exchanging information, alerts and the like.

Hootsuite article covers how the app is made up of 180,000 neighborhoods throughout the world and allows for selling and buying, organizing events and getting recommendations. It’s much like social media but, in a time where perhaps there’s a distrust of social media platforms, apps designed to specifically to connect you with your locality are very popular, whether they’re a game-based platform such as PPPoker or simply functional one like Nextdoor.

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