4 Best Smart Shoes

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Technology has transformed how we live our lives. So much so that certain technological innovations have even made it to our shoes. And while this may seem gimmicky, there are a number of smart shoes that are definitely worth the hype. In fact, in the near future all sports shoes could be smart in order to improve our health and fitness. If you want to know more about this, read on for our picks of the five best smart shoes!

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Shoes

Xiaomi is one of the world’s leaders in wearable tech. And while they are mostly known for their Mi Band activity tracker, Xiaomi’s smart shoes are grossly underrated.

The Xiaomi Miijia Smart Shoe is powered by an Intel Curie module and is equipped with a 6-axis sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. This allows the shoe to track valuable data regarding your physical activity. What’s great about the shoe is that it can differentiate between running and walking, allowing for more accurate data tracking. While it’s a Xiaomi product, this shoe is also compatible with Google Fit.

Nike Adapt BB

NIke’s Adapt BB got a lot of attention due to its self-lacing technology. And while this is a pretty useful function, especially for people living with disabilities, the Nike Adapt is more than just a self-lacing shoe.

The shoe comes with a bevy of features that affect both performance and fitness monitoring. The Nike Adapt’s features are made possible through the use of rigid-flex PCBs, hardware that is used in wearable technology due to its capability for unconventional forms, all while being sturdy enough to withstand daily wear and tear. A plastic rectangle houses the shoe’s worm drive engine that controls all of the shoe’s functions. Aside from its self-lacing capabilities, the shoe is also able to adopt the wearer’s desired tightness. This can be particularly useful, as it can help prevent any slippage during physical activities. These functions are controlled via the shoe’s accompanying app.

Under Armour HOVR

The Under Armour HOVR was created with performance in mind. It uses technology to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your workouts, all while minimizing the risk of injury.

It does this through the use of clever engineering and smart technology. The show is equipped with Energy Web, which contains Under Armour’s HOVR foam and is built to return as much energy as you exert to every stride. You can then track your run data via the MapMyRun app. The app communicates with the record sensor chip within the shoe and tracks various parameters while you run. One of the most interesting functions is its ability to measure your gait in order to help you reduce the risk of injury.

Puma LQD Cell Origin AR

While the other shoes on this list utilize technology to improve performance, technology isn’t limited to just that. Some shoes have found creative uses for technological innovations, and no shoe exemplifies this more than the Puma LQD Cell Origin AR.

The AR in this shoe’s name stands for augmented reality. The shoes are covered in 2D QR codes that open special interactions when used with the shoe’s accompanying app. Wearers are given a slew of different options that range from filters, effects, and even games when they scan the shoe with the official Puma LQD cell app.

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