5 Ways To Prevent Skin Breakouts

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Post Written By: Jana Graber 

Acne breakouts are most probably the worst thing that can happen to a girl, especially if it happens right before a big event. There are many ways to cure an acne breakout after it’s started, but what ways can we prevent them before they come? If you’re interested in preventing those unsightly pimples from coming read on!

  • The best thing you can do for your skin is wash it at least twice a day, especially at night! Your face collects all kind of dirt and residue from the air during the day and going to sleep without washing can cause bacteria to settle into pores and cause a zit in the morning.
  • Change your pillowcase every week! This is key, because your pillowcase holds any bacteria that were on your face and in your hair, so keeping a fresh one on will make a huge difference in the amount of breakouts you have.
  • Don’t touch your face! I don’t care if you wash your hands every 5 minutes; your hands are a breading ground for bacteria because you use them to touch EVERYTHING. After touching something that is no doubt germ infested, putting your hands in your face will likely cause a breakout.
  • Keep oily hair off of your face! It’s great to keep your hair moisturized, because this can prevent breakage. However, the oil that is great for your hair is not so great for your skin. Make sure that you tie your hair up at night and try not to wear it in your face when it is a little oilier than usual.
  • Get your beauty rest! Stress and a lack of sleep can lead to breakouts so make sure you are getting the recommended 8 hours every night!

These tips should have to with flawless skin in no time!

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