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Azeailia Banks Releases Single “Yung Rapunzel” + Beef with Rita Ora

  • by Yoey
  • 8 Years ago
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Aezailia Banks finally releases “Yung Rapunxel” the official first single to her anticipated debut album “Broke With Expensive Taste”.  I have been trying to feel her out, but after the 212 track I just cannot get with her style of “futuristic hip hop”. This new single still isn’t doing it for me. Y’all check it out and #SpeakOnIt in the comment section.


Now in A.B. twitter beefs…

She’s beefing with the British bands she’s currently touring with. She went off on Stone Roses and accused them of trying to ruin her stage show. When some of the band’s crew members began doing a soundcheck during her set at Australia’s Future Music Festival on Friday.  Azealia accused them of working with her former manager (the one she fired), whom she said, “made a pact with the stone roses [to] sabotage my set because I fired him”.

“Wow! I must really fucking be a superstar. You’ve got an established band trying to sabotage my lil rap bitch shine … A bunch of old white men trying to bully a young black girl … Fuck those old saggy white niggas stone roses. I wish them nothing but excrement and death.”

She said the fight she had with a Stone Roses band member, Ian Brown, “turned her on”.


Next, she got on Rita Ora’s case. Calling her Rihanna’s understudy and says Rita tried to intimidate her during tour.




Then she posted a text that Rita Ora sent to her in response to her twitter rant.

On top of me not liking her music, I now feel like she’s doing extremely too much trying to be relevant and make a name for herself. Smh.

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