Beauty Tip: DIY Sugar Scrub with Coconut Oil

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  • 7 Years ago
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Coconut Oil has become one of the most used products for just about anything these days, whether it be beauty use, health use, or cooking use everyone is using it.

I have a friend that has a bad case of eczema so everytime she bathes she uses a sugar scrub followed by baby oil and then body butter. All to keep her skin moisturized. I was like, there’s got to be a better way. So after doing some more research on coconut oil and checking out pintrest, I figured out a way that she can treat her dry skin and still get that great scrub all while staying moisturized.

I went out and purchased some coconut oil, regular granulated cane sugar, and crystallized sugar, mixed it in a bowl and gave it to her to use, it has been working wonders!

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  1. sounds very helpful

  2. This is great info

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