Birchbox: A Girl’s Best Friend

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Every month I get a special gift in the mail, and no it’s not from my boyfriend. It’s even better, it’s my birchbox! What is birchbox? I’m glad you asked…

Birchbox is a box of about 4-5 high end beauty product samples sent directly to you in the mail for 10 bucks a month. I’ve gotten everything from perfume samples, to makeup, and the latest trends in nail colors and skin care. It usually ranges from every day wear, like luxe lip conditioners to extravagant beauty trends like violent lips!

The founders, two women who met at Harvard school of business, wanted to find a way to help women find new beauty products without having to invest loads of money into buying full-sized products and not liking them. If you like the products in your birchbox, you have the option to go on the website and order a full sized version of the product you’re interested in.

When you sign up, you will be made to take a short survey so the company can get an idea of your beauty regimen, makeup routine, skin and hair type. Then they evaluate your personal likes and needs and send you a box in the mail once a month with different products they think you’d enjoy.

I’ve been with birchbox for over a year now, and usually they’re right on the money with my products! They are sent right to my door, and if I like them I can order them right from the website, if I don’t it was only 10 bucks anyways. I like it because I feel like I’m getting a gift once a month, I usually can’t wait to open it up and see what’s inside. (They actually sent me my first Nars “orgasm” blush, and my beloved Laura Gellar bronzer, both full sized products!) To sign up go to, you’ll be glad you did.

Post Written by Jana Graber 

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