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Chrisette Michelle Talks About “Better” Album & Going Vegan!

  • by Yoey
  • 8 Years ago
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Chrisette Michele took the “Woman To Woman” tour to The Tower Theatre in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania last night where she thrilled fans with hits like  “Epiphany,” “Blame It On Me” and “What You Do”. Her set also included her current hit “A Couple Of Forevers” from the upcoming Better disc (due April 30).

Recently, Chrisette chatted exclusively with TheYBF.com at her D.C. stop about her upcoming project and revealed to us that she went through an actual “love detox” to cleanse her mind and spirit of heartache and pain.  And that also included giving up meat and going vegan!  Here’s our chat:

YBF: You have a new album coming out, are you excited?

Chrisette Michele: I’m super excited. It’s the first time where I’m talking about love in a positive way in quite a few years, so I think it’s an album that just reflects on the healing I’ve experienced of the last few months, few years.

What has changed your views on love?

CM: Well it took some time to cleanse – literally – detox, juice feasting. I took a 60-day period just to detox. I lost a bunch of weight both spiritually and physically, and then I became vegan – which I cheat sometimes – it’s really helped me just feel lighter and respect myself, and therefore demand respect from other people.

What do you hope your fans will get out of this album?

CM: I hope that all the women who have been through divorce and been through heartache and breakups and sang “Blame It On Me,” and sang “Epiphany” with me and sang “Goodbye Game” with me will start singing “Better” with me, and they’ll start singing “A Couple of Forevers” with me, and we’ll all be on the journey of love together.

SOURCE: theybf.com

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