Foodie Spotlight: Meet Kathryn Louis ; ChicBonvivant Catering

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I recently conducted a interview with local foodie, food blogger and owner of ChicBonvivant Catering. This Houston native explains to me her love and passion for cooking and baking as well as a look into her world of all things food! Please read the below Q&A with Kathryn and Enjoy..

Q: How do you like working for NOLA Restaurant? explain the experience of working in a food environment? 

I enjoy it; its hot, long hours, breaks are a foreign thing; but I love it. It is very challenging…mentally and physically. I have learned so much! What I thought I knew about food is always being challenged. The people I work with are equally passionate about food and willing to share their knowledge. I also love how I’ve meet people from all different walks of life in the kitchen. The stories are amazing!

Q: How long have you been a lover of food, and when did you know you had a true passion for cooking and or baking? 

I’ve loved food since I can remember. My mom says when I was a baby I would hum and dance when she fed me. I also used to eat bell peppers like they were apples….LOL…My earliest memory of cooking was helping my grandmother and mother in the kitchen; like most southern girls. I started really cooking on my own in high school and college. Then I discovered the Food Network, and really saw how fun food could be. I love how you can discover the essence of a region or culture through a bite of food.


Q: Describe your style in the kitchen? explain your Texas roots involved in your cooking process and is there any differences in your style you mixed in with the traditional New Orleans style of Cooking? 

I would describe my cooking style as eclectic yet simple. I grew up in Texas, so I have Mexican influence. I was raised on Creole food; my entire family is from New Iberia and St. Martinville (Louisiana). I would pick okra and ate “kush-kush”; which is basically like cornbread and milk at my great grandmothers house. My stepfather is from South America; so from the age of ten I was exposed to Venezuelan food. My mother also had many friends from around the world that loved to share their culture with us through food. So all of my life experiences translate into the way I cook. I get excited to learn how other cultures manipulate food. As far as cooking traditional New Orleans food…I think I have perfected my Red Beans 😉

Q: Explain why you chose to stay here in N.O. to open your Catering Company as opposed to traveling back home? 

I love New Orleans. I love how music, food, and art are  collectively the sacred heartbeat of the city. If you play an instrument, cook, or create anything, you are one of the “cool kids”. I appreciate that. Being here inspires me to create and to live for my passions.

Q: Explain you catering company to us? What is it we should know about your company that is different and unique from others? 

It is my intention to help people create lasting memories. I know how comforting food can be; food has the power to bring people together, and everyone loves to and has to eat. Creating a lasting memory for people is the entire goal of ChicBonVivant Catering. High end and personally catering with a touch of chic is what anyone can expect when working with ChicBonVivant. I like to meet with my clients and ask them questions about their desires. Our events are very tailored to the client’s needs and wants. Which is why there is no set menu; everyone doesn’t want the same thing. That’s the beauty of catering, as opposed to going to a restaurant.

Q: WIth all types of people now trying their hands at food blogging, What do you think about that? Like does if feel over saturated? And what makes a good food blogger/foodie in your opinion.

I think its great that people are becoming more involved with food. In this country especially we have a skewed food system. Where health and quality aren’t necessarily the focus. I think through a lot of the blogs I follow food is the main focus and it is held to a certain standard. Food writers and bloggers usually appreciate food and respect it. So, the restaurants they frequent, the recipes they share, and the techniques they use are of quality. A good food blogger in my opinion is anyone who loves food and has there own writing style. Don’t try to make your blog like anyone else’s; make it a part of you, be authentic!

To learn more about Kathryn, her website is

 Interview Conducted By: Mario “Yoey” Martin







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