Health Tips /// How Juicing Saved My Skin

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Post Written By: Jana Graber 

I wrote about a week ago, that I started a juicing regimen to become my most beautiful self. For those of you who don’t know, “juicing” is the process of taking raw fruits and veggies and consuming the juice that comes from them.

Consuming raw fruits and vegetables is the most beneficial way for the body to obtain all the nutrients these foods have to offer. Cooking and microwaving vegetables often takes vital nutrients from the foods making them less valuable for our bodies. Raw fruits and vegetables hold a wealth of benefits when consumed in proper proportions, such as: increased energy, stronger immune system, clear skin and healthy hair.

I, of course love the extra health benefits of juicing, but to be honest I wanted to clear some mild adult acne that had been plaguing me for the past couple of months as well as boost my energy levels.

I have to say that it has only been a little over one week and I already see a MAJOR difference in my energy, and my skin.

As you can see my forehead has cleared, and I had a mild eczema rash on my neck that is nearly gone. My energy levels are great as well, I feel like I can get up and take on the world not just barely get through the day like I felt before. (This helps because I work long hours on my feet) I also feel like my skin has a radiant glow instead of just a dull hue. I’m so happy about the results, I plan to incorporate juicing into my daily lifestyle forever. I am completely happy with the results and I would encourage anyone who asked me about it to join me and start juicing!

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  2. Maria, did you notice you say the exact same thing on all of my posts? Do you do that on purpose?

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