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  • Inside The Grapevine:::Life is but a Dream [Full VIDEO of doc]

Inside The Grapevine:::Life is but a Dream [Full VIDEO of doc]

  • by Yoey
  • 8 Years ago
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Last night Beyonce stans were glued to the tv for almost three hours straight, some stans had watch parties to enjoy the experience with people who appreciate Bey just as much. The first hour was the interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter, her 90 min documentary on HBO “Life is but a Dream” followed right after. After working as part of the stage crew for the Super Bowl and having to be at almost all of the rehearsals, I felt a bit of a connection and gained a better understanding and more appreciation for Beyonce as an artist. But Life is but a Dream gives us all a different perspective of the Mistress of the World (GQ gave her that title).

We all know Beyonce to be a very private person so for her to do a documentary about her personal life just made her even more untouchable. In the documentary Beyonce opens up about letting her father go as her manager back in March 2011, her love life with Jay-Z, her family, and the love she has for making music and performing. But most of the documentary was spent about her talking about her pregnancy with Blue Ivy as she reveals her growing baby bump and she also lets us see the 13 month old Blue hanging out with the family. The most shocking part of the documentary was to learn that she had a miscarriage two years before getting pregnant with Blue. It really showed people that no matter how perfect someone may seem how famous they are, we all have our issues and day to day problems.

I was in tears the entire time I watched the documentary. Not because I’m a sap and love Beyonce, but because she really opened her life up to the world, and was real with us all, shutting down all rumors that ever came about. She is the epitome of a real WOMAN. I believe that anyone who watches the documentary, whether they are a fan of her music or not, will respect her as a mother, sister, daughter, aunt, wife, and an entertainer.

Here are a few of the highlights from the documentary:

On her miscarriage

Two years ago I was pregnant for the first time.  I heard the heartbeat. Something happens when you hear the heartbeat.  You truly know there’s life inside you.  I picked out names. I envisioned what my child looked like.  I was feeling very maternal.  my family was so excited.  I flew back ot NY to get my checkup.  And no heartbeat.  Literally the week before I went to the doctor and everything was fine.  but there was no heartbeat.  I went into the studio and wrote the saddest song I ever written in my life,  admit was the first song I wrote for my album.

On letting her father go as her manager

I’m feeling very empty because of the relationship with my dad.  I’m so fragile at this point.  And I feel like my soul has been tarnished.  I feel like I had to move on and not work with my dad.  And I don’t care if I don’t sell one record ever again.  It’s bigger than the record.  It’s bigger than the career

On being her own manager

My father taught me so much about being in this business.  Business and being polite…it doesn’t match.  You can be fair.  But me being polite wasn’t me being fair to myself.  Now I’m learning how political things are.  A lot of the crazy things my father did were necessary

On feeling Blue kick for the first time

I felt the baby kick for the first time.  It kicked 5 times!  I been waiting for that moment.  Hopefully it’ll do it again so Jay can feel it.

Loved this belly chain.

On hiding her pregnancy

There’s no words that can express having a baby growing inside of you.  But you have to make sure everything is ok.  So I had to hide the best thing in my life.  I was scared to make plans, but I went to the doctor who said ‘Listen, you have to let it go. You’re healthy and if this baby is supposed to be here, the baby is going to be here.  Go do everything you’ve been doing and everything will be fine.’

On giving birth

I felt like God was giving me the chance to assist in a miracle.  There’s something so relieving about life taking over you like that.  You’re playing a part in a much bigger show.  And that’s what life is….the greatest show on earth.  My baby was born out of a conflict in my life.  And that conflict had to be settled

On connecting with Jay

We connected on a spiritual level.  It’s just a coincidence that he’s also an artist.  Hes taught me so much about being an artist.  I, like a lot of women, give up so much.  But he doesn’t….Having this baby made me love him more than I ever thought was possible.  It’s every woman’s dream to feel this way about someone

Beyonce and Jay-Z were filmed singing ColdPlay lyrics, “Do you know? You know I love you, so You know I love you so!” to each other.

On ended up with a blessed life

My grandmother used to light candles all the time in the church to pray for my mother.  I am a result of my grandmother’s prayers.  My grandmother prayed for me. My mother prays for me.  God is real.  And God lives inside of me.  It doesn’t matter where I am.  I feel it.  Like right now, I’m hot.  It’s inside of me.

Watch the full documentary here:


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