Instafamous – The Rise of the Social Media Celebrity

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Patrick Mahomes is one of the most famous quarterbacks in the world, packing 4.5m followers on Instagram.

Tom Brady, a seven-time NFL Champion, has 9.5m followers, whilst rap megastar Dr Dre has 5.5m. Those numbers perhaps won’t surprise you, but the ones that are to follow might. If you add all those numbers together, you are still more than 28m shy of the followers collected by Huda Kattan. It is likely that upon reading that your first thought was to wonder who that is, unless you are one of her 47.8m followers of course.

Huda Kattan is the new type of celebrity, famous the world over in her chosen niche, which in this instance is beauty. Kattan has not starred in a film, never won a sports title and has not released a hit record, but she is one of the most famous people on the planet, courtesy of social media. These people are being known as ‘Instafamous’, because of their huge following on the social media platform.

Increasingly, Instagram is being used as a platform to develop careers outside of the conventional medium. The late model Katie May famously broke through because of going viral online and had amassed more than 2m followers at the point of her untimely death in 2016. Her success has paved the way for many to follow, with beauty and modelling two industries to have been completely changed by Instagram.

In fact, Instagram is even an industry in its own right now. Andrew Bachelor, Violet Benson and Bretman are all names that have become famous for nothing other than their videos and Instagram accounts, by making people laugh and cry, making them beautiful and making them believe. In theory, Instagram is an empowering platform that allows anybody with a personality and talent to develop a career without hitting a ceiling.

There is a flip side to being Instafamous – fake news. explains how social media helps spread fake news, but that social media is also partly to blame, which some of the celebrities may, or may not be used to paint a picture of their life that is not entirely real.

Take Dan Bilzerian. He has over 20m followers and can regularly be found flaunting his personal wealth and opulent lifestyle, but Bilzerian is a classic example of somebody creating a social media persona that is hard to justify. He spends his days surrounded by beautiful women in exotic locations, but the exact level of his wealth is hard to determine. outlines how he claims to have won hundreds of millions playing poker, but those claims are disputed, as are the ones he seemingly makes on social media. However, his gregarious and opulent lifestyle is still packaged on social media and fed into the homes of millions of impressionable followers. The fact he recently lost $50m through bad business practices is largely lost in a world seemingly dominated by parties, beautiful women and wonderful holidays.

As with any aspect of life, there is a good and bad side to Instagram, and distinguishing truth from fiction may not always be easy. There is no denying though that the rise of the social media celebrity is showing no signs of slowing, and whilst becoming a successful influencer may be just as challenging as becoming a successful football player or rapper, there will be no shortage of impressionable and ambitious people looking to give it a try.

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