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I practically spend all of my free time on Instagram and besides myself, there are plenty of interesting people on there. (In case y’all didn’t know. Lol)

I have decided to share just a FEW of the people I like to see on my timeline.

First up is the extremely handsome @jai_amaru_13 and his precious baby boy.


These two steal the hearts of women everyday. They live in Chicago. The father (don’t know his real name) works as a cable man and is training to be a fire fighter. Between his beard and baby Jai’s dimples, I smile every time I scroll past one of his posts.


Snoop Dogg, or should I call him Snoop Lion? Lol  whatever alias he prefers, I love them all. Snoop keeps me extremely entertained with all his different characters on Instagram and the pictures he posts while asking people to make a meme. I just think it’s great that he doesn’t take hisself too seriously.


Joey is a great designer in Baton Rouge. He designs and makes everything from men’s streetwear to beautiful gowns; and does it all during the appointment. He’s amazing. Oh! He also loves Beyoncé is very opinionated on current events and pop culture. I just love him!


Laura Michelle! Let us first admire how bomb she looks…@laamiche hails from the great city of New Orleans (my hometown) and yes, I know her personally. She has an awesome spirit and the girl can SING! She has a new single out “Old News.” Follow her on IG and check out her new music!



June Ambrose is no stranger to those who follow fashion. She is an awesome stylist and an even more awesome #RockMom. I love following her and the journey she is on, it makes me smile and inspires me to continue pursuing my dream.



If you know me, you know I love a good pair of sunnies or a really cute pair of stylish glasses.  @Shopspreadla has all the hottest styles! Support my fellow New Orleanian doing her thing!


Terrence Davidson aka “King Of Hair” is a legend in his own right in the Glam World. I am so happy I have had the chance to not only meet him, but work close with him and build a friendship. I could go into full detail about who he is but I will allow you to wow yourself by following him and don’t forget to google him!


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