Jana’s Make Up Trends for Spring 2012

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Ok ladies, last week we talked fashion trends, this week lets talk makeup trends for this season! This season the trend is actually not a trend at all, is all about a nude, clean pallete. The look this season is timeless, this season will be the time of natural beauties.

FACE: Try going for a matte look instead of a shiny or glossy finish. My favorite is Makeup Forever’s- Mat Velvet foundation. It runs about $40 in Sephora but it’s well worth the price. This blend will give you a flat even tone with no shine, and over the course of the day it will actually abosrb access oil, to prevent shine. For best results use with a Makeup Forever primer.

CHEEKS: This season is ALL about contoured cheeks! This look I love, and it goes perfect with a natural makeup look. You ever wonder how celebs get their cheek bones to stand out? Well I’m about to let you in on the secret.

1. Take a blush or bronzer about two shades darker than your skin color.

2. Make a fish face and sweep bronzer under cheek bones from the hair line to the center of your face.

3. Add a highlight on your cheek bones, this will make them stand out.

4. Add a natural blush color over highlight. If your complextion is fair, uses something like peaches from MAC, if your have a darker complexion use something like format from MAC, or sweet as coco also by MAC.

This look will have you looking like a glamour queen, but since the makeup is so minimal, people will never attribute it to makeup, but to good genes!

EYES: Just like everything else this season, the look for the eyes is bare, or almost bare. The natural effect doesn’t end with foundation and cheeks. Natural eyes are going to be all the rage this season. All you’ll have to do before you leave is dust a powder that matches your skin tone over the eyelids and curl your lashes and apply mascara.

LIPS: As far as lips go, reds are in like never before. Since everything else is more nude and natural, you can play around with your lips. Bold colors like deep purples and even blues will work with the natural face this season. But the big one is red!

Although the trend is nude and natural, don’t be afraid to play around with your colors, just use them in moderation. Enjoy ladies!

Post Written By: Jana Graber 

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