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Khloe Kardashian & French Montana Get Matching Jewelry!

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Ok, so when I first heard the rumors of Khloe K. and French Montana being an item, I was like NO WAY! French is with Trina and ever since Lamar started going through what he was/still is going through, they keep trying to pin Khloe with someone else; first it was The Game. But baby, I am seeing the light! They’re not even trying to hide it either. They’ve been spending more and more time together.

French even hangs out with the fam. See him pictured below with Kris Jenner:


Now that Khloe is back from her recent trip overseas for Kim Kardashian andKanye West‘s wedding, her first stop was to see her beau.

They paid a visit to New York City jewelry store Rafaello & Company yesterday and copped matching blinged out watches.

“It was late afternoon and they came in,” the owner, who shut the store down for them, tells E! News. “French and I are friends and have known each other a while. Khloé and I have met once or twice before.”

LOOK: Khloé wears French’s name in Arabic around her neck

“They came looking around into the shop and bought his-and-her’s Rafaello & Company gold watches. They are 18-carat gold. They are very high-end pieces,” he added. “They bought other things, too.”

The owner also shared a photo of himself with the duo after they purchased the Rafaello & Co. rose gold watches with diamonds. He captioned the snapshot, “The newest power couple came to see the best and I mean the best Hannhhhhhhhh stay tuned in for what we got cooking up. #takeover #rafaellokings #teamrafaello”

“They are the newest power couple,” he tells E! News. “They were happy-spirited and beautiful. They seemed very happy and they seemed like they had missed each other.”

According to their website, Rafaello & Co.’s clients “range from the local business man to the rich and famous, earning us the title of ‘jeweler to the stars.’ From Alicia Keys to Jay-Z, music producers to professional models, we have high end clients from all walks of life and service them all with the same professionalism and courtesy as we would our regular clients.”

#SpeakOnIt: Do you think they make a cute couple?

Check out the lovebirds hanging out on numerous occasions:

SOURCE: eonline.com

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2 Comments Already

  1. damn she really rocking with french salute

  2. Use to like her but now can’t stand to look at her! French is taking her wretched self straight to hell to hand over to Satan! Nothing good comes from being married and being a married mans mistress. Hell is at your door Khloe leave this devil French or suffer the consequences your choice you were warned!

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