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Kourtney Heart To Host A Essence Meet & Greet + Perform At 2013 Essence Music Festival

  • by Yoey
  • 7 Years ago
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20-Year- old New Orleans Native Kourtney Heart will be holding a meet and greet on July 3rd at Langford Market (907 Decatur Street, NOLA) from 5-7pm. This event is completely free and open to the public.  All this will take place before her big performance July 7th live with her band in the Ford Super Lounge. Kourtney is the youngest performer to consecutively be invited 3 years in a row to perform for the star-studded Essence Festival event.


The very talented R&B/Pop singer Kourtney first caught popularity with her first hit song “My Boy,” featuring the late New Orleans rap legend Magnolia Shorty, and later a remix with Soulja Boy would follow. Her  single lead to a deal with JIVE Records.Her most recent independent project A Gemini’s Diary features stories that she wrote about her experiences as a growing young woman. This summer she will be releasing her newest EP entitled “Pharaoh.”

MyHellOfALife.Com had a chance to ask Kourtney a few questions on how she’s feeling with these upcoming events check it all out below..

Q: How does it feel being one of the youngest performers to continue to have Essence ask for you to perform?

A: I’m honored! To be honest, I am still in shock because so many people are telling me that I am making history. I’m just excited to be able to grow with Essence because I grew up reading their magazines. It’s just a big deal for African American women and the fact that I am one of them is phenomenal.

Q: With Essence being held here, in your hometown speak on what that means to you?

A: I love my city, and I appreciate the fact that Essence has been in New Orleans for so many years. Being able to perform for such a huge event in my hometown makes me feel amazing. I just continue to have fun because I am surrounded by so many people who know me.

Q: Can you tell your fans what it means to you when you hold meet and greets and have a chance to see their faces, and them to meet you?

A:It always makes me feel better. It makes my day because when I see my fans it’s a wonderful feeling and energy they give me. I love being able to reach out to them physically for a hug rather than talking to them via social networks. Getting to see their true facial expressions and seeing how excited they are to be around me is such a great feeling. My fans really boost my spirit.

Q: Tell us what can fans expect from your July 7th performance?

A: July seventh. Hmm…I can’t speak on it too much, but I know for a fact, mark my words, it will be life changing. This is one of my favorite shows that I have produced thus far. I’m so excited! It’s completely different than anything anyone has ever seen from me before, because I have dancers and my full band. It’s really fun. I’m dancing more and it really looks like a total production. My audience will really be able to see my growth and see how hands on I am with it.

Q: What do you think of the music scene here in New Orleans area? Do you feel it’s on the rise, if so explain?

A: I’m proud of my city and the ambition! I notice a lot of talent, and I am friends with a lot of different artists, talented rappers. Unfortunately, I don’t really have time keep up with them all the time because I am always so busy, but I can honestly say that I believe we are making the right moves as a city to move in the best direction. New Orleans artists are learning as a whole how things work in this business and how to be professional. I believe my city is a target for talent. I’m excited!

Q: If you can tell fans the inspiration behind new EP Pharaoh? And why that name tittle? Release Date?

A: I will reveal more information in detail about the release date for the EP after Essence, but the title came from my weird obsession with Egyptian paraphernalia as a child. I love their clothing, and I began to learn more and more about their culture. I believe that it is just beautiful! I’ve always studied their history, and I love their style. I have a dream to visit Egypt before I die. I guess right now I am going through the phase of studying something I love and trying to create my own. When I refer to myself as pharaoh, it’s not because I am saying I am a god. It is just that I believe I have so much power thus far in this industry because of what I have to bring to the table. I am not being arrogant or cocky, but I truly believe in speaking success into existence. Everyone respected the pharaohs, and I just believe that my true fans respect me. Not to say that anyone is beneath me, I just look at myself as a pharaoh of the industry.

Interview Conducted By: Mario “Yoey” Martin 

For more Kourtney Heart updates be sure to visit: www.kourtneyheart.com, Facebook www.facebook.com/kourtneyheart, Twitter www.twitter.com/kourtneyheart, Youtube www.youtube.com/kourtneyheartvideos, Instagram ‐ Kaykakessss, Vine ‐ KourtneyHeart and Keek: Kourtney Heart. You can preview and purchase Kourtney Heart’s music on ITunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/kourtney‐heart/id361529625.


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