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  • Lets Talk Fantasy Football..How Soon Should You Start Blake Bortles?

Lets Talk Fantasy Football..How Soon Should You Start Blake Bortles?

  • by Yoey
  • 7 Years ago
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How Soon Will Blake Bortles Start?

Start a rookie quarterback in the NFL can be a somewhat risky decision to make. For starters, the quarterback must be good enough to handle the NFL. Not only that, but the coaching staff needs to have enough confidence in the team surrounding him that they will be able to allow him to have success. Jacksonville might not be ready to be a playoff contender just yet, but they need to see what rookie Blake Bortles can do on the field. He has a chance to have success in fantasy football from the very beginning if everything goes according to plan.

In the preseason, Bortles has played much better than Chad Henne. Even in the final week of the preseason, Bortles was able to show what he is capable of by throwing a 57-yard touchdown pass to Marqise Lee. Two rookies hooking up and having success at the highest level is a great sign for Jacksonville. But, The coaching staff does not seem to really care all that much.

Henne is pretty much a known commodity at this point in time. Bortles has a lot more potential, and it would serve Jacksonville very well if they started to let him develop nicely as a quarterback of the future instead of someone they look at as simply a rookie. It is not going to make him any better if you just standing on the sidelines. It especially does not make a lot of sense since he has already shown that he can play at a pretty high level already in the NFL.

Barring a sudden change of heart, Jacksonville is not going to start the rookie in week 1. However, all it really takes is a rough start to the regular season for them to reconsider the starting job. At some point in time, it seems likely that Bortles will get his chance as a rookie starting quarterback. People in fantasy football might not be willing to invest in him just yet, but he is definitely one to watch if he does land the starting job.

Article written by: FanDuel.Com


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