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McKinzie Chic Goes Floral for Fall 2013 Collection

  • by Yoey
  • 8 Years ago
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Fashion Designer Sheri McKinzie recently debuted her Fall/Winter 2013 collections. And this year the lineup by McKinzie Chic, a trendy women’s ready-to-wear line consisted of blazers, dresses, and jumpsuits.

Sheri McKinzie, a native of South Philly was launched her brand during summer 2012. Since then McKinzie Chic, unique pieces have been met with nothing but celebrity validations. Her pieces have been spotted on your favorite celebrities such as Basketball Wives’ Draya Michele, Fantasia Barrino, Bad Girls Club’s Milyn Jensen, and R&B Divas LA’s Michel’le. The hard-to-find textiles add to the exclusivity of McKinzie Chic, as each shopper is always sure to enter the nightclub or dinner date rocking a never-before-seen look. She reinvented what it means to wear a jumpsuit, fashioning sexy cleavage along necklines and accentuating jumpsuits with impeccable lining, making it the archetype way to accent a silhouette.

On September 20th, during Philadelphia Fashion Week models graced the runway at the Crane Arts Building in her new “Floral Chic Fall/Winter 2013” collection. Sheri has optimisms of gaining the attention of prospective buyers, jetsetters, and stylists. So she is fine-tuning the brand once more, this time from an upmarket angle.

McKinzie Chic FW 1  McKinzie Chic FW 5 McKinzie Chic FW 11 McKinzie Chic FW 14 McKinzie Chic FW 15 McKinzie Chic FW 16 McKinzie Chic FW 18 McKinzie Chic FW 19

“This time I went for eye-catching, timeless, elegant pieces. And I think I did just that. I’m trying to cross over with this collection and show that I am a versatile designer,” says Sheri on her drive and inventiveness behind the collection. “I want women to see this collection as their essential to a night out on the town or their plus one date to a friend’s wedding. The pieces can be worn almost anywhere.”

The innovative Fall/Winter pieces can’t be duplicated as she mixes up this collection by using roses that vary in size and creating a new trend of pairing long sleeves with three-quarter-length sleeves. She keeps it clean, crisp, and lustrous by sticking to strict color schemes of red, black, taupe, and off-whites but creates pieces of clean basic design. The unique textiles are what make the statement in this collection. She steers away from the mainstream market’s overly frequented basic prints and busts the seams with rare stretch materials. With only days away until her Philadelphia Fashion Week premiere, Sheri is eager for the launch of her cutting-edge collection.

“I want people to look at this collection and think ‘Hey I can see Kim Kardashian or Angela Simmons or Rihanna in this’,” she confesses. “I’m taking it there.”

Stay tuned on what’s next for the McKinzie Chic brand by checking outwww.mckinziechic.com or following on Instagram and Twitter @mckinziechic.

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  1. nice look for the ladies

  2. That red jumpsuit is sexy! *logs onto McKinzieChic.com*

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