Meet Celebrity Stylist Fatiah Rebbekkah + Q&A

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 Singer Karina Pasian on the cover of Fuzion Magazine’s June ’12 issue styled by Fatiah Rebbekkah

Fatiah Rebbekkah Muhammed aka Tia from Brooklyn New York is a 22-year-old Celebrity Stylist. She entered into this fashion game at the young age of 19, After working under one of the Directors of Davids Bridals Fashion Shows. She knew then styling was her niche in the fashion world. She found quick success and began styling for celebs, athletes, and TV personalities. Fatiah has worked with Gloria & Laura Govan, and Jackie Christie of Basket Ball Wives LA (Pictured below with Laura Govan, of BBWLA), Chef Roble from Bravo Network and MTV Host Amanda Seales to name a few..

Fatiah has been featured on TV One also in a few magazines including Lavish LIFE Magazine and she frequently styles for Fuzion Magazine. Fatiah has got to work with models from all prominent agencies.

She said her love of fashion gives her the easy ability to dress clients for day-to-day events as well as red carpets. Check out Fatiah in action below..


Check out below a quick Q&A with Fatiah..

Q: Can you tell me what are some of the difficulties you face in the styling industry, if any?

A: Yes, sometimes when you work with people new to this or people who don’t know what we as stylist go through and how much work it actually takes to make things happen it can be upsetting and sometimes makes things difficult when it doesn’t need to be. Also I’m still really young and I rarely get to do a lot of the things my peers get to do. I’m often overwhelmed and it can be hard. But at the end of the day I love what I do so its worth it.

Q: What steps go into preparing for styling a client?

A: Meeting Meeting phone confrences, email conversation with whomever I need to contact. Its alot of paper work, legalities and research that comes before all the glitz and glam. Way to much foot work. Stylist are like body builders we carry loads of clothing around. I have serious arms because of it. Then once all of that is over and you finally have a rack filled with clothing from your agreements of pulls. You then create looks and a mood board to pitch to the label, client etc. From there your ready to go thats only the brief version of it. Its so much harder than people assume. Ive had tons of interns INTERNS which means they get not even a quarter of the work, they quit because they cant handle it.

Q: After those steps are taken, what does a day of styling a client consist of?

A: Long hours, long long long hours. If its a shoot its alot of changing and finding something that everyone loves which can be a pain no one likes a background stylist. Especially when they have no knowledge of fashion or even the skill to givesay so but anyway if its like for a personal client you go to the home, hotel room wherever and you put together tons of looks so they have options for their red carpets, events, parties, day to day etc. And that can be brief or take years according to the client.Thats just a brief version, I would hate to bore you with the details :p

Q: What do you want to accomplish next that you haven’t already with you career?

A: I want to be bigger and better than the greatest before me. I want to be recognized for my work. To be honest, who doesnt want the world to see what their made of. I also have an amazing clothing line launching Fashion Week in Feb so look for that. Aside from that I want to honestly go back to my roots I want to act and sing and do all those things I once loved to do. But in due time I assume.

This girl is definitely on her come up and very ambitious stay on the look out for more from Fatiah Rebbekkah..

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