MHOL Artist Spotlight: Shorty World

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Meet Shorty World

Shorty has big dreams and a even bigger talent this uptown new orleans native grew up early around music in the church and soon realized his love and passion for music..Shorty decided at a young age he wanted to do music and share his talent with the world..Now with the success of his single “Tipsy” Shorty has been promoting him self all across the southern region.. MyhellofaLife.Com recently was able to get a chance to speak with Shorty check it out below..

Interview by: Yoey Yo

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I recently spoke with Mr Shorty himself here’s a quick Q & A.. 

Describe your musical style? 

Timeless, I want my music to be timeless.  I want people to be able to enjoy my music 10-15 years from now..

How Long Have You Been Doing Music? 

I been doing this seriously since 2005-2006, A good 7 years now..

What First Inspired You To Get Into Music? 

My Dad is a pastor so just growing up around the church watching the choir listening to the piano all that really..I just loved music I would say around 6 to 8 years old I begin to know I wanted to do music..

Being around that growing up gave me a ear for music and I think thats really important..

What Would You Describe As Your Fashion Style?  

I like to look fresh, trendy, relevant fly and new.. On a regular day just being comfortable I wear 501 Levis and graphic tee..But when Im performing I’m on that stage I turn it up I get superstar with it..

What Are Your Favorite Spots To Eat..If You Can Pick 3 Where Would They Be? 

Thats a hard question..But Im from Uptown so I like eating on St. Charles..

My Top 3..First Cheesecake Bistro on St. Charles

2nd Superior Grill on St. Charles

And 3rd Walk-Ons I like the atmosphere in there for like games and stuff ..I watch my potna ball with the Saints #32 Johnny Patrick shout out to him..

How Has It Been For You Personally Just Dealing With The Success Of Your Song “Tipsy”? 

I been handling it well I feel, for me just staying humble really.. I didn’t expect it initially to be where its at but I feel bless from it..Im not stopping though, you can expect more!

 Yea, So What Can Everyone Expect Next From You? 

Another hot single..real soon like maybe in next few weeks another hot single from me..Just picking what we want to roll out with next but something is coming soon..And it will be dope

Anything Else You Just Want To Put Out There People May Not Know About You? 

Man, yea Im graduating from University Of New Orleans (UNO) In May I feel its important to always keep options in life this is another option for me..

Really..That’s Great Man What Was Your Major?  

My major was Business Management.

“TIPSY” single available on iTunes and Amazon NOW


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