MHOL Fitness Spotlight: @blavkout_fitness

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There is a new fitness brand in New Orleans ran by fitness expert Alex Black his brand is @blavk_fitness. Get familiar with his journey to this point and how he plans to help those with different health goals below.

Interview conducted by Mario “Yoey” Martin of MyHellofaLife.Com

Yoey: Tell us a little about how you’re journey of fitness and nutrition got started?

AB: So my fitness journey started about 10 years ago. I had struggled with obesity my whole life, and at that point started to have some major health issues. I was diagnosed with bronchitis, a skin disease, and high blood pressure at the age of 18. I was 300lbs. I knew if I wanted to live I needed to make some changes to my lifestyle. I began working out on my own, & had no clue of what I was doing. In one year I lost 100lbs. After I lost the weight I felt amazing, but I still wasn’t satisfied with the way I looked so I started lifting weights. Immediately when I started it became an obsession. Now I’m an amateur bodybuilder. Growing up I always had a passion for food and cooking so diving deep into the nutritional aspect of the sport was a very easy transition for me.

Yoey: When did you know you wanted to help others and start sharing your knowledge of fitness?

AB: After my 1st year of my journey I knew that it was my duty to help others struggling with obesity just like me. I’ve always been the person in the gym that would workout for 2 hours, then stay another 2 hours just answering questions and having dialogue with others about fitness. When I help someone attain a fitness goal I feel like I was apart of changing someone else’s life. Who doesn’t like that feeling?

Yoey: What separates you from other trainers? As personal training industry seems to be on such a huge rise?

AB: The thing that separates me the most is that I can personally relate with the client is going through. I’ve been overweight before and felt like I wanted to give up. I’ve also been undersized and had to pack on muscle in order to competitively bodybuild. I know both struggles because I’ve been through both, and not many can say that.

Yoey: What’s the leading problem to African Americans being out of shape in 2018 and you’re opinion and how can it be fixed?
AB: Great question. The leading problem to African Americans in many situations including fitness is “knowledge.” We aren’t taught how to properly take care of our bodies and the harmful effects that negative foods and a lack of exercise can cause to us. Being a personal trainer “I can’t loose the weight for you”, but what I can do is give you all the knowledge you need to help you loose the weight. The way we can fix this problem is the same way you fix any knowledge problem. Start teaching our kids at a young age how to properly take care of themselves. Physical education should also include nutritional education.

Yoey: How can a person get in contact with you to become a client?

AB: You can email me, Instagram @Blvckoutfitness, or call/text 504-270-6949

Yoey: Are online training from you a option?

AB: Yes, I offer online workout programs & meal plan.

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