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MHOL MUA Spotlight: Miss Alena Jae Leaves All Her Clients With Style And Grace

  • by Yoey
  • 3 Years ago
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New Orleans make up artist Miss Alena Jae posses a special talent with her hands. She has the ability to turn every woman into a work of art. 

Miss Alena Jae based here in New Orleans  but always will to travel with her @SoAlenaLuxe brand is building a name for herself in the beauty world. Her wonderful personality and professionalism paired with the spirit of a hustler has allowed her to work on the faces of a couple celebrities for a example Tahiry of Love and Hip Hop. Mario “Yoey” Martin got a opportunity to talk with Alena Jae about her MUA career and brand below check out this Q&A.. 

Yoey: How did you love for make up begin?

MissAlenaJae: My love for makeup began long ago when I was a little girl. My mother was a Mary Kay distributor and she would host makeup parties and have product at home. Of course, being so young and seeing all this product it was exciting, interesting, and a lot of things for me to get into. I remember taking samples of lipstick and opening them to mix the shades. I would say as early as 5 years old, I learned a love for mixing colors. From then on makeup wasn’t about being the prettiest girl, it was more of an artistic tool for me; I’ve always loved colors!

Yoey: What are your many beauty skills and what would you consider your best talent?

MissAlenaJae: My beauty skills would contain primarily with connecting and figuring out my clients or people I interact with. The ability to relate and build a connection personalizes my skills per client. I never want to change someone’s look or make them appear to be someone outside of they’re comfort zone. I only want to enhance and display the best version of yourself. So my best talent within my creativity is learning people ! 

Yoey: When did you know you wanted to use your talents to help others achieve their beauty goals?

MissAlenaJae: When in high school and throughout college Makeup was only fun for me. My friends didn’t buy products like I did nor did they even apply it to themselves. So of course I was the “go-to” girl, and I didn’t mind because it was a fun interaction between friends “getting cute”! Throughout my journey of figuring out my career or my next step in life I realized I liked fast money and I liked to be creative, I don’t care too much to be under someone else’s rules that may confine my creativity or ability to be myself. I was a bartender for about 5 years, I loved it! I loved my interaction with people, I always met so many different people and so many great people. While being able to be myself and be creative with making drinks I found a passion for it. However, I knew I didn’t want a career in the club industry so I had to move on. In the beginning of 2015 I found my back against the wall, and I’m blessed to have had great friends in my corner and in my ear telling me Makeup is your passion JUST DO IT. Despite my judgement of being yet “another makeup artist”, I learned that my journey isn’t the same as everyone else’s just because I’m “a makeup artist”. So once I lost the negative attitude and stigma I began to find success on this journey which thankfully is my passion. 

Yoey: What do you feel like separates you from other MUA’s?

The difference between myself and other makeup artist is simple, I’m myself. There is no other version of me! My interactions, my bonds, the connections I make are all my own just as much as my Artistry and my perception of art and beauty. I’m not a trendy makeup artist, I’m never going to compete with the trends because beauty is not a trend, beauty is everyday, it’s real life and it’s timeless. Real artists don’t trend, they can display the trends but their artistry, my artistry is something that’s apart of me until I depart from this earth.

Example of Client Photos:

Yoey: Do you feel the industry is becoming oversaturated?

MissAlenaJae:I believe the beauty industry is booming more than ever, in turn causes others to attract to it, want to become apart of it. Yes, when we think trends it’s going to be highly saturated for the moment. But, again Artistry is not trend, so either way actual makeup ARTISTs will continue their endeavors after the trends go away and other “makeup artists” will find their way into other endeavors because creativity can’t be taught, and artist perception can’t be taught, either you have it or you don’t. If anything the title “Makeup artist” is more saturated and loosely used than the actual industry. 

Yoey: Where are you located?

MissAlenaJae: I’m located just uptown at 1218 St. Charles Avenue, within Luxury Studio. 
Yoey: Can clients get you to come to them?

MissAlenaJae: Absolutely I always work with my clients I live to have a beautiful
experience with them each time. 
Yoey: Do you plan on doing events showcasing you’re brand in the future?

MissAlenaJae: Absolutely! I have some things in the works currently so it’s to come soon, be on the look out! 


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“Live good Drink good Eat good” Graduate of Dillard University majoring in Public Relations/Brand Imaging. A New Orleans Native but born in Memphis,TN. Was raised as a Air Force brat having lived before in Germany and visited frequently to countries like England and France. While living in Europe a love for fashion and all things extravagant became a lifestyle easy to embrace. Returning to New Orleans fashion still played a major role in life for him. Now partnering with long time friend Nick to create the chic cultural blog site Myhellofalife.com Yoey is focused more than ever on making his dreams a reality, while doing what he enjoys the most; enjoying a hell of a life.

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