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New Orleans Saints 2nd year wide reciver Joe Morgan coming off last Sunday’s stand out performance with a 80-yard touchdown catch against the Green Bay Packers talks with Myhellofalife.Com about a little sports and plenty more..check out the interview below..

Interview Conducted By: Yoey Yo

Q: How did it feel coming up with that big 80-yard Touchdown this past Sunday? 

A: It was a great feeling to be involved in the offense, I felt good because it showed that he [Drew] had confidence in me to throw that deep bomb.

Q: That touchdown was your first career touchdown right?

A: Yes, and it was exciting especially with it happening on a historic field like Lambeau.

Q: With the slow 0-4 start to the season how would you describe the moral of the team?

A: “We not on pins and needles” there is of course a sense of urgency but we feel like we’ve been right there in these games. Its all about us finding a way to finish the game. A lot of our games were really close, we just got to finish.

Q: Being a second year player from a small college like Walsh, How was it for you adjusting to the NFL?

A: Well I went to Illinois University for two years prior to Walsh, so I experienced D-1 games and what that felt like. I really feel like its not that hard adjusting to the NFL. A lot of people say when you get to the league people will be stronger, faster, and smarter which is true but I feel if you training hard and learning as you go, you also will become stronger, faster,  and smarter. I think the only hard part to the adjustment to the NFL was recognizing defenses on the fly because defenses are well disguised in the pros.

Q: So just curious do you follow any other sports? 

A: Well, I watch basketball and nascar.

Q: Well who is you favorite team in basketball? and Who is your favorite driver? 

A: I don’t have a favorite team but I have favorite players, I like Kevin Garnett and LeBron James. If I had to choose I guess I like the Heat more. And with Nascar my favorite driver is Jeff Gordon.

Q: So you’re from Ohio, Canton,OH but tell me how do you like living here in New Orleans? 

A: I love New Orleans, its a nice place to live and great food!

Q: You lead me right into my next question what are your favorite types of food? and what are your favorite restaurants here in New Orleans? 

A: I like plenty of foods, I pretty much eat anything. I would say my favorite restaurant here is Mother’s and I love Mr. John’s Steakhouse. I love the steaks from there they are really good, I don’t have to use any steak sauce just salt and pepper and its great.

Q: Well tell me what are some of your hobbies outside of football?  

A: I like to watch TV, I like to play video games, playing pick up basketball and bowling.

Q: I seen somewhere that you said you liked drawing and art? 

A: Yes, I do. I like to draw I enjoy art.

Q: How would you describe your fashion style? 

A: I like to keep it casual, I like to be comfortable. I wear a lot of Polo.

Q: So do you consider yourself a sneaker head? 

A: No, I don’t think so but I like J’s I like the 11s and 12s all of the colors.

Make sure you support and go Download the new Joe Morgan Gridiron Grunts App and have an inside look at Joe Morgan’s life off the field, Joe’s partnership with the United Way kicks off this month as proceed to helping at risk youth.

Stay in contact with Joe Morgan:

Instagram: JMtheegreat

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(323) 570-4194

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