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MHOL Spotlight: Dana Boisseau aka Queen of Hollywood South- Owner and Founder of TFH (Television Film Hair) Academy

  • by Yoey
  • 2 Years ago
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Meet Dana Boisseau  known as the Queen of Hollywood South & Natural Hair Specialist. Dana Boisseau is a New Orleans native-who earned after graduating from a local hair school than later received her Master’s in Cosmetology. After working intern position in Atlanta for year Dana returned home to pursue her dream of Styling for movies.
Her first movie, Ray, with Jamie Fox opened the door to a 15 year career, with over 60 movies and TV shows as an accomplished Department Head. She has styled for actors such as Taraji P. Henson, Jennifer Cooley, Lenny Kravits and many more. She also is the founder of TFH (Television Film Hair) Academy. It is the first movie hair school in the Southern region! She believes in giving back to her community by offering movie hair education and internships to local hair school students interested in theatre and movie hair styling. Below Mario “Yoey” Martin got a chance to do a quick Q&A with Dana Boisseau about her start in the industry, Hollywood South and her TFH Academy. Read it all below..


Yoey: Growing up did you always have the dream of I want to style the movie stars hair?

Dana: That’s funny, because I actually didn’t really want to do the celebrities , I just wanted to own the salon that did the celebrities and receive my cut .

Yoey: What made you want to create TFH academy and share the wealth of knowledge you have obtained over the years working in the film

Dana: The inspiration behind TFH Academy was due to a lack of young , talented, fresh stylist to help me on the Movie sets that I was Department heading. At the time , I was the only young, black woman in the New Orleans chapter of our Movie Hair union. So, the other (all white ) union members weren’t exactly falling at my feet to work with me. In fact they did everything they could to try to keep me out. There were times that I would run my department all by myself. I would literally do the job of a 3 to 4 person Department . Then I got the idea to go out into my New Orleans community to start recruiting stylist out of the shop, just like I was discovered to help me on set. Eventually it led to me teaching these stylist and barbers outside of set so they would be properly trained when I would need the help on my Movie sets . And this is how TFH Academy was born.

Yoey: If you could put yourself in the shoes of one you’re students how do you think they would describe you as a instructor?

Dana: Oh boy, if I had to be a fly on the wall listening to my students after a day at school , they would be say that the class was fun and informative . They would also say that I am a very sweet and funny person. But, if they are one of my students on set with me, they would probably say that this lady is a crazed perfectionist with a huge appetite for doughnuts. Lmao!!!!!!! The lovely teacher they get at school is the opposite of the drill Sargent they get on set. I demand excellence from my set students!

Yoey: What is the best thing to you that you like about working on a movie set?

Dana: If you ask anybody about what is my favorite thing about set, they would allllllllll tell you CRAFT SERVICE!!!!!! Lmao! I love craft service! Especially the doughnuts! But besides that , I love the comradeship of the crews that you work with. Sometimes you spend more time on these Movie sets with your crew members than with your family. So you tend to form great bonds with so many different types of people from around the world to come together for one main goal. 

Yoey: Is there anything in you’re earlier years of you’re career that with the knowledge you’ve gained now you would have done differently?

Dana: I think that I’ve just gained enough knowledge to see what I could have done differently in my early years of set. So when I test this new found wisdom out on my next few sets, I’ll let you know how it goes .

Yoey: What are some long term goals you now have for TFH academy?

Dana:  Some of my long term goals for TFH Academy are actually happening now! I wanted to eventually start my own Movie Hair team agency. So, that actually just happened quit organically. Now it’s just a matter of growing the school and agency and to continue to produce some of the best Movie Hair and barber stylist the world has ever seen! Right here in New Orleans Louisiana!

To keep up with Dana Boisseau  follow here. And to enroll at her Academy visit here!




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