MHOL Spotlight: DJ Shaad Smooth

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Meet Dj Shaad Smooth one of the most influential Djs in the City if New Orleans he currently works on air for 102.9 FM, is the official Dj for Tulane University basketball and football games as well as rocking the crowd at several prominent club events throughout the city. Recently Smooth announced he has been chosen to be the official DJ for New Orleans first rugby team in the history of NOLA. Mario “Yoey” Martin was able to ask Smooth a few questions about his recent accomplishments in his busy DJing career. Check out the Q&A below..
Yoey: Before DJing full-time what were you doing for a living?

DJSHAADSMOOTH: I was in school for for Mass Comm- Broadcasting but I’ve had a few jobs like working labor as I was transitioning into what I wanted to do. I’m only 25 so I haven’t had any long term jobs, just some short term gigs like working at Winn-Dixie in high school or working off shore for about two weeks until I dedicated myself strictly into my business.

Yoey: How did you get the DJ shaad smooth?

DJSHAADSMOOTH: I was in the band & I was a drum major my junior year, they always give you nicknames in the band so this one stuck in my dj career thanks to my mom saying I needed a name besides my regular name in Dj’n.

Yoey: Who are you’re favorite mainstream artist at the moment? And who are you’re favorite local artist you listening to?

DJSHAADSMOOTH: Mainstream: I would say Future, The Weekndor Kevin Gates are always in heavy rotation
Local: It’s a lot of talented people in New Orleans so I can’t point out one in particular, I can name some good ones but two that’s in rotation are A.K & MIdCity A.B

Yoey: Are you currently still working with 102.9?

DJSHAADSMOOTH: I work for the company who owned 102.9, yes.
Yoey:  How did you become the official dj for Tulane basketball and football games?
DJSHAADSMOOTH: Its great, another platform to express myself through music & get the flow of big time athletic events so I can hopefully be apart of doing events for professional sports team or the Super Bowl/All star weekend.

Yoey: What does it feel like becoming the official DJ for New Orleans first rugby team being apart of history?

DJSHAADSMOOTH: Its great, its honestly a blessing to be able to connect with people who’ve seen me work in big atmosphere & see my vision for my life.

Yoey: What’s you’re long term goals for you’re self in you’re DJing career?

DJSHAAHSMOOTH: Magic Johnson but better, Shaq but better, Lebron James but better. Hope use my platform to venture into multiple things, I don’t really consider myself a Dj… well of course I do, its a hat that I wear but I wear multiple hats. The long term goal is business & I’m a businessman so I look forward to endless possibilities.

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