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Growing up in New Orleans, Chef Gabe Noel has always had a passion for food. He’s extremely versatile when it comes to his dishes, from Vegetarian Quiche to the crowd favorite, “Bacon Wrapped Bombers”; which were a big hit at the Gentilly Festival and the St. Augustine High School’s Hamp Fest.

He has many influences but attributes his skills to his father, the late Lance Perkins. Some of their best memories were spent in the kitchen, cooking signature dishes like stuffed red snapper.
Chef Gabe has been cooking for three years. Although he hasn’t had any formal training or schooling, his dishes weigh in with the heavy weights. His hunger and creativity sets him apart from other chefs.
He aspires to own his own food truck in the future. “The idea is to travel from state to state to spread that New Orleans Flavor”, said Noel. Chef Gabe loves what he does but said he gets the most satisfaction out of seeing peoples’ expression when they taste his creations. Chef Gabe isn’t a man of many words, he let’s his food do the talking.

Ginger Thai Rice served in a Pineapple with Grilled Shrimp

Ginger Thai Rice served in a Pineapple with Grilled Shrimp

I recently got the oppurtunity to ask this chef a few questions check out the interview below..

Q: How long have you been a lover of food, and when did you know you had a true passion for cooking?
• First, I had a love for eating, then, I knew I had to cook the stuff I wanted to eat. Cooking never felt like work and that’s when I knew I had a strong passion for it.

Q: What Role has growing up in New Orleans played on your cooking career?
• NOLA being such a historical place known for it’s food, cooking is embedded in my DNA.

Q: describe your cooking style? and where did you learn to cook the way you do? 
• My style is old fashioned, creole soul food meets eclectic cooking. I learned how to cook from my father; all my talents are credited to him.

Q: describe how powerful a tool like instagram and other social media tools play into people falling in love with your food creations? 
• Social media is one of the most popular forms of communication; word travels faster that way. People will see something I post, admire it and hopefully experience my creations one day.

Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Pesto

Grilled Lamb Chops with Mint Pesto

Q: With all types of people now trying their hands at being a personal chef, what do you think of that, Like does if feel over saturated? And what makes a good personal chef in your opinion.
• It may come off as over saturated but everyone is different, you have to set yourself apart by adding your own flavor. A good personal chef is someone that has an undeniable passion and love for cooking because it is very hard work.
Q: what would be your advice for upcoming chefs/personal chefs inspired by yourself and others? 

• Love what you do and show it on the plate.

Q: Is there anything else you would want potential readers to know about your brand and plans for the future? 
• People should know that I love what I do and the best feeling is the enjoyment I see on their faces after eating my food. In the future I would love to have my own food truck but right now I’m focused on building my brand as a personal chef and caterer.

Interview was conducted by Mario “Yoey” Martin. And a special thanks to Jazmine Boutte (@Jazzie1) for setting up this interview.

To learn more about Chef Gabe Noel follow him..

IG: thechefgabenoel
Facebook: Chef Gabe Noel

To get in contact with him Email:


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