MHOL Spotlight: MUA Angelina Roe

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Mario “Yoey” Martin of recently got a chance to ask a few questions with MUA Angelina Roe. Check put her speaking on the importance of having passion for what she does, her personal connection with clients Check it out below..

Yoey: How did your love for makeup begin?

AgenlinaRoe: I’ve always been into Art and expression. I started doing all of my friends makeup in college and never stopped. It wasn’t until I moved to Hawaii did I get an opportunity to fully pursue it.

Yoey: What are your many beauty skills and what would you consider your best talent?

AngelinaRoe: I’m a artist that specializes in film/tv,special effects, bridal and beauty makeup. I have a few more things I’m working on, that I’ll keep hush hush for now. Lol 

Yoey: When did you know you wanted to use your talents to help others achieve their beauty goals?

AngelinaRoe: Honestly, in Hawaii when I realized that it was also a form of ministry. If you think about it, any service provider that’s in an intimate setting like this is trusted by their clients. People share their entire lives with you in your chair. I believe God has placed me, and everyone else, in a position to speak his word in people’s hearts. Not “preachy” but to encourage and enlighten them to be better and be whole. 

Yoey: What do you feel like separates you from other MUA’s? And do you feel the industry is becoming oversaturated?

AngelinaRoe: Um, what separates me from others is my purpose. My artistry comes from a place of passion not popularity or a dollar. I’m not the most popular artist out here but because I create a different experience of trust, individuality and precision my clients love what I do. I take every opportunity to learn and work on my craft. I believe makeup is an enhancement NOT a necessity. I don’t change faces I enhance self esteem and allow my clients to see themselves in ways they’ve envisioned but couldn’t manifest. 

Yoey: Where are you located?

AngelinaRoe: I’m in NOLA now but in a week I’m relocated to Los Angelos to learn and grow my passion!!! 🙂 

Client examples:

Yoey: You also are a lifestyle blogger, how did that idea come about?

AngelinaRoe: Man. I’ve been doing this off and on since 2006. I’ve always been a person who enjoyed trying new things and living life to the fullest. But as I got older life lessons occurred and I felt like it’d be cool to use this platform to express things and if it can help others move through life then, so be it! Also, I’m not really a verbal communicator. I’m better at writing. So it’s low key a release for me as well. I’ve rebranded a dozen times but it’s all apart of life. If you’ve followed me from the beginning, you can see the growth in my life through my posts. I’m very transparent. Sometimes too much. Lol. 

Yoey: Where can people view your make up tutorials & vlogs?

AngelinaRoe: and all social media platforms are angelinaroe as well. 

What’s in the future for your brand?

AngelinaRoe: Man, right now I’m letting God have his way. I’ve been blessed to have amazing opportunities placed in front of me and you all will definitely see this in a few. I’m not limiting myself to anything. Everything is attainable. Angelina Roe is definitely a household name. From t.v to the airways. Limitless living is the vibe! 

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