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Written by Jonathan Stroughter

The movie Noah follows the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark. If you’ve never been to Sunday school, Noah’s Ark is the tale of a man named Noah who is told by God (or Jesus) that he is sending an apocalyptic style flood to cleanse the world of all the wicked evil sinners. Noah is tasked the monumentous mission to rescue 2 of every species, and to build an ark to house and protect them while the flood cleanses the world of wicked. Dramatic right?

The movie holds true to the biblical story for sure, but of course gives us a little more for entertainment purposes I would assume. The movie begins with Noah (Russell Crowe) in a world ravaged by war and violence, fighting and constantly moving to protect his wife and 3 sons. The food is scarce and pretty much the whole world is in survival mode, eating anything living one can find. Through a series of visions which come to him in his dreams and a meeting with his father (Anthony Hopkins) who seems to be a prophet of some sort who lives in a cave deep in the depths of the earth, it is revealed to Noah what “The Creator” (they never refer to him as God or Jesus in the movie) has in store for the world he is so displeased with.

The movie was quite interesting to say the least. And touched on a few things that someone who would question the bible, would have liked answers to. How does man kind start over with 1 man and his 3 sons? In trying to escape some war mongrels Noah rescues a small girl who’s family has been killed. The young girl Ila (Emma Watson) stays with the family, and in the 8 years it takes to build the ark her and Noah’s oldest son form a budding relationship. But Noah’s middle child, who is coming of age, wants answers as to what he’s going to be doing when the world is cleansed of pretty much every other living person. Who is going to be his wife? It creates a huge conflict between the father and son, and really shows how deep into their faith people can get when Noah reveals what he believes The Creators true plans are, and how he must fulfill the prophecy no matter what. I can’t say much without spoiling the story, but it gets crazy my friend. Take my word for it. I wasn’t ready. Noah is nuts.

Something else that was shocking is that the movie is exceptional violent. Half way through some of the war scenes i had to stop and look at my ticket to make sure I was in a PG 13 movie and not a rated R one. There is much blood, and plenty of really violent and intense moments. It’s definitely not a movie for kids. So if you were thinking about taking your Sunday School Class, think again. You’ve been warned.

All in all, it for sure wasn’t what i thought i was walking into the movie theatre to see, but i can’t say that i was disappointed. The storyline is much more detailed then the bible’s version. The cinematography is pretty cool, and the acting is fairly decent. I hadn’t really seen my girl Emma since Harry Potter, and her role in the movie is quite the pivotal one. I would definitely say to go see Noah. Bring an open mind, but leave the babies at home.

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