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  • Movie Review by Jonathan Stroughter /// Transformers :Age Of Extinction. The Best Cheesy Action Flick Ever.

Movie Review by Jonathan Stroughter /// Transformers :Age Of Extinction. The Best Cheesy Action Flick Ever.

  • by Nick
  • 6 Years ago
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Written by Jonathan Stroughter

So ever since the very first Transformer’s came out, i’ve been a huge fan. So big of a fan that I actually went and got a Camaro after seeing the movie. I wanted Yellow, just like Bubble Bee, but I had to settle for Silver. And that’s fine. Because after seeing this Transformer’s I have to go trade in my 2011 Camaro for the 2014 that Bubble Bee was upgraded to. And it will be yellow this time.

The forth installment of the mega blockbuster hit stormed the box office this past weekend grossing over 100 million. Their biggest opening to date. I think we all were kind of waiting to see how the numbers would be seeing how this is the first film without our favorite leading man Shia Lebeof. I won’t lie and say I wasn’t completely devastated. Mark Wahlberg is a great action star, but Shia IS Transformers. But Mark definitely is making his mark.

This movie picks up some years later after the third. The AutoBots are pretty much in hiding because the Americans no longer wants them there after the devastating events of the third film. They are being hunted and slaughtered by the government, who have teamed up with an even bigger Transformer, who has his own mission at hand. And then once the Autobots are killed, they are taken to a technology company and run test of. Which we later find out is a disaster waiting to happen.

Mark Wahlberg plays a single mechanic who lives somewhere in Texas with his beautiful daughter who is about to graduate from high school. Mark is always looking for some junk to “build something great” and in the midst of his junk finding journey he stumbles upon a badly beaten MegaTron, leader of the Autobots. From that moment on his life is filled with lots of running, trips to outer space, big guns, explosions, car chases and a slew of cheesy lines. Really cheesy lines. I mean lines so cheesy it makes you want to slap the director to writing them into.

The movie definitely holds true to the action aspect. Michael Bay is the King of actions flicks and he never stops proving why. The destruction of Japan looks amazing. The Autobot fight scenes are completely astonishing and fun to watch. Its everything a man would want in an action packed film. There is one scene towards the end where one of the transformer’s ships hovers above the city. It uses a huge magnet to pull up anything metal. Sucks everything straight into the air. Buildings, Yachts, Cars, bikes….literally, everything….and then drops its. And then does it again. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. It gives you that tingling feeling when you are standing in line for a really kick ass roller coaster and you hear all the people screaming and you know that its gonna be great. Yea. That feeling. Michael Bay never fails.

Probably the only downfall of Transformer: Age Of Extinction is that it is really 3 long damn hours. And it FEELS like 3 long damn hours. At two different points you think the movie is going to end and just leave a cliff hanger for another sequel. No…there is another epic battle that must take place. And still leaves room to let you know there will be a sequel. And Mark Wahlberg really does have some really cheesy cornball lines. A lot. Like the movie is filled with cheesiness. I think it was an attempt to be funny, but you aren’t as invested in the human characters the go around like the previous Transformers. You don’t really care that Mark is the protective dad and hates that his daughter has a boyfriend. And you don’t care about the boyfriend at all. The daughter is hot, but she’s no Megan Fox, so she’s kind of forgettable as well. The winners in the movie definitely go to Bubble Bee (of course) and MegaTron. Oh yeah, and the big Dinosaur Transformers. They are bad ass.

The movie is definitely a fun time and worth catching in the theatre. I would definitely suggest seeing it in 3D. Just make sure you are well rested before sitting down. And there are enough slow cheesy points to take a bathroom break without missing any of the good action sequences.

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