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Movie Review by Jonathan Stroughter /// X-Men Days Of Future Past

  • by Nick
  • 7 Years ago
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Written by Jonathan Stroughter

So the moment Ive been waiting for finally came. I won’t lie…Thursday night at the movie sitting in X-Men Days Of Future Past was like Christmas morning for me. I’d been counting down the months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes until this moment. I’ve seen every X-Men movie, even the Wolverine ones that i’m not to particularly fond of. I think this would had me more excited than any X-Men i had ever seen. Mainly because X-Men First Class (the BEST X-MEn movie) was so unexpectedly amazing. X-Men Days Of Future Past definitely quenched my thirst and held up to expectations. There are so many things to talk about i really don’t even know where to begin.

First lets get the plot out of the way. The movie basically starts off present day. The world has gone to shit due to the creation of machines called Sentinals. Initially the sentinals were created just to slaughter the mutant race, but of course the sentinals evolved, and not only slaughtered and enslaved the mutants, but the humans as well. The sentials and large, brutally violent, and pretty much invincible. They are able to adapt to any mutant power they are faced with, and use it against that mutant or any other. The are pretty impressive. Nothing like the comic book sentinal. Way more violent and terrifying. In an attempt to save the last of the mutant race, Charles Xavier and Magneto have put aside their differences and joined teams to find a way to stop the sentinals. How? To go back in time and stop them from every being created. There are a series of events that take place, shortly after the events in X-Men First Class (which was the past, if you’ve never seen it) which involve Magneto, Mystique, and Professor Xavier. The only person who can survive the trip back to the past is of course Wolverine with his ability to self heal. He’s only given so much time to change the past, to save the future.

Much of the movie revolves around the relationship of the younger Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender). We saw Mystique join forces with Magneto in First Class, but much as changed since then. She is on her own mission. Magneto is locked up for the assassination of JFK, and Charles Xavier has fallen into a deep depression from the loss of his child hood friend and his school. Mystique is torn between becoming the villain she is present day, and trying to remain a good person. She is the key to the series of events that ultimately start the creation of the sentinals. The focus is much on her throughout the movie.

If you are a fan of X-Men, you know that in every one there is always an epic fight scene that involved a specific mutant showcasing his powers. I don’t think any one has outdone Nightcrawler’s opening assassination attempt in X-Men 2, that was until this one, we we meet Quick Silve. He only gets a smooth 20 minutes in the movie, but he makes the best of it. He’s kind of fucking awesome. His scenes are probably some of the best scenes in the movies. He’s comical, quirky, and fast. The fight scene is epic, in a hilariously creative way.

Now I won’t lie, Jennifer Lawrence is a great Mystique, and an awesome actress. We know this for sure. But i don’t think she beats out Rebecca Roman Stamos. In X-Men First Class she wouldn’t have compared to the present Mystique because she was learning her power and she wasn’t a trained killer. But in this film we get a taste of the Mystique to come. She is bussin heads and taking names. She’s on a one woman mission. I love Mystique because she’s so “mystique” and kick ass. And even though Jennifer Lawrence does play a Mystique that is not quite evolved into the assassin she is in the present day X-Men’s, she still lacked something when it came to the fighting scenes. She did good, but she didn’t have me jumping out of my seat with excitement like Rebecca Roman Stamos did in her fight sequences. Now i don’t know if it was the choreography or if it was Jennifer Lawrence, but it wasn’t what was brought before. Don’t think I’m not saying its not good, because it is, its just not great. Surprisingly Jennifer Lawrence looks pretty good in the blue paint though. I didn’t know she had such a great body.

My favorite character Magneto (i always love the villains, sorry) is just as diabolical in his younger self and he is in the present. His quest for power no matter how many lives he has to take, has not changed. And i love it. His power still is unmatched, and he pulls some mind blowing stunts in the film. I’ve always thought the best kind of villain is the villain you can understand. Magneto always knew that, like human beings today, most will reject and attack what they don’t understand before educating themselves and trying to understand it. His struggle with not being accepted as mutant, draws a parallel with racism and the fight for equality many people deal with today. Except Magneto will not be bullied or defeated. Him being mutant, he knows his power. He knows his greatness. And he’ll go through any lengths to let the world know that he will not settle or be segregated in any way shape or form. I always joke that he’s the Malcolm X of the Mutants.

Charles Xavier is the exact opposite of Magneto. He wants the equality and the acceptance, but of course his means of going about it are more…peaceful. He wants people to be more understanding. He wants people to be more accepting. And he believes that with time they will be. He knows that some people are scared by the mutants, but maybe if they see that all mutants aren’t bad they will began to be accepted one mutant at a time. Charles Xavier is kind of the like the Martin Luther King of the mutants. James Mcavoy’s acting is probably the most captivating in this film. Much of the movie we are watching him crawl out of the hole of depression he has settled in since Mystique left him. Watching the struggle between him and his once good friend Magneto is always interesting because you often wonder who’s side you’d take. They both want the same thing, they just both have different ways they think it should be achieved. Michael Fassenberg and James McAvoy work well together. I think they are much of the reason why the films always turn out so great. Two powerful actors taking on powerful roles always comes out well.

The movie as a whole was pretty damn good. I’ve seen people saying that they believe it was the best X-Men to date. I wouldn’t agree with that, only because it wasn’t better then First Class. The movie had some slow points, but it IS the second best one. The mutants are fun. We get lots of powers and lots of action. You won’t see many of the mutants you’ve grown to love like Halle Berry (Storm) or Anna Paquin (Rogue). Their roles are very small this film because much of it takes place in the past. The ending is exciting and will leave you eager for the next film which they’ve already announced is is slated to hit theaters May 2015. If you let the credits role, you’ll see the next villain. I’ll give you a hint: He has four horse man. So don’t waste any time. Definitely make you’re way to the theatre for this one.

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