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MyhellofaLife.Com Interviews Kourtney Heart On Her Career, Past Success & New Single “Phases” (VIDEO)

  • by Yoey
  • 7 Years ago
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Purchase Kourtney Heart Phases on iTunes here.

UPDATE: Kourtney Heart New Album Are&Be Available now on iTunes.

we also conducted a separate question and answer with ms kourtney heart prior to MHOL sit down check out some additional questions below..

Q&A conducted by: Fallon “Purpalator” Parks 

What’s been going on with K. Heart? Some would say you’ve been MIA.
How long has it been since you released an EP?
KH: It’s been a while since I released my last project A Gemini’s Diary, and I was so happy with the response that my “KHeartBeats” gave me. I’ve been in the studio just learning more about myself and my sound and now I am ready to give my fans new music.

What were some of the things or people that inspired some of the tracks on this EP?
This project is pretty much everything I’ve been going through since A Gemini’s Diary. I’m older now, a bit wiser, and more experienced, so I now know how to express in my music. I’m excited to tell (share) my story of (about) love and real life with my “KHeartBeats.”

How is this EP different from the others?
KH: This project is completely different from anything I’ve ever put out. Although I’m ALWAYS completely honest in what I write about, this project is just completely mature and exciting. I believe that the “KHeartBeats” will be able to hear growth and get a better understanding of who Kourtney genuinely is!

Tell me about the #Shh movement on IG?
KH: The #Shhh.. movement is a cute way to let everyone know that I will be revealing a huge secret, more like a special gift. Everyone knows that I’m releasing new music soon, but they don’t know quite when, so I wanted to throw cute little hints out there to start some buzz and lift some eyebrows.

What are some of your studio necessities?
KH: The number one necessity is the vibe! It’s so weird but I can only record or create with a positive vibe. Things that help my studio vibe would be dim lights, tea, lit candles and hot sauce.

What is something about K. Heart that you would want someone who hasn’t heard of you to know?
KH: I would definitely want people who have never heard of me before to know that I am a hardworking, dedicated, passionate artist who puts my complete soul in everything I do. I believe in my music and with just one chance they will too!

Tell me about the best concert you’ve ever attended? Did you think about that concert when getting your performance together for essence?
KH: The best concert I’ve ever been to was a New Edition concert! I’m a huge fan of New Edition and their work ethic and just to see that after so many years, they are still perfection. I always study things like that so of course I kept that in mind when preparing for Essence. I loved feeling like I got my money’s worth that night, and I love giving my “KHeartbeats” the same feeling.

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Photo Below: Mario aka Yoey of MHOL with Kourtney Heart At #VSUSHI Party Hosted By K.Heart on 12/26/14



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