Neno Calvin Neeny Wonder Album Review

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Written By: Mario “Yoey” Martin

Neno continues to separate himself from the rest of the pack with his new project Neeny Wonder he should gain some major attention from hip hop fans outside of just the south. New Orleans and places like Atlanta and Texas already are aware of this Magnolia boy who possess a natural gift to tell his life on wax. I believe Neno moving his brand around outside of New Orleans, and recently moving hisself away from NOLA will quickly further his career.

He has been super focus dropping content on YouTube including his video “On Sight” with popular  Chicago artist G Hebro, was a great look. Now he is riding off the heels of his feature on track 10 “One Two” On JAG Album from Cash Money superstars Birdman & Juvenile. He stands out on the track and has many hip hop fans doing their research to get familiar with who he is.

So now with all eyes focusing his way and his Nenola 2 still buzzing he releases his new project  Neeny Wonder the project is filled with his witty and slick lyrics. And like usual his demeanor is laid back the same way he comes across when seeing him interact with fans online. Neno is a smooth gangsta and the fans love it. The first two songs start off where Nenola left off.. Wonderful day to Die and You ain’t Geeking like me sets the tone.

Neno is a street poet that raps harsh realities of the ghettos  of New Orleans “I done seen niggas get killed over nothing ain’t want no money just power. I done seen niggas get killed over bricks and they wanted the money and power”.

He continues to show his status in the game as he continues to climb towards success with the song “Big Dog” this one my personal favorites off the album as Neno raps I’m on my big dog shit let me talk my big shit.” Other personal favorites off this project for me was Back to Back, She way from Zachary, and notable-standout track Rocabye, pt. 2. This was another solid album from Neno Calvin and I think the world is soon to be woken up to this guy may be the next gem to come out of the historic Magnolia projects to make a stamp on rap. 

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