NOLA LIVE : Taste of Creole at Restaurant Cypress

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Tucked away in the back of a complex of small strip malls, Cypress is definitely one of my favorite hide outs for fine cuisine. While located in Metairie at 4426 Transcontinental this spot is perfect for anything from a romantic dinner setting to a grad affair. The chef has a unbelievable taste for the Creole flavors and no apparent interest in reinventing the cuisine from scratch. The servings here are too large, but that doesn’t prevent the use of quality ingredients. The menu is a bit unusual in that the entree section is almost entirely composed of meats and poultry. The seafood is mostly in the first course, but those dishes are the size of some entrees at most other places.

The rooms are small and reached through a mini-maze of hallways. The service staff and the chef’s wife (who runs the dining room) could not be more hospitable.

I would recommend this restaurant to anybody. While being as good as it is, one may think that it wouldn’t be affordable. However this may be the most delicious affordable food that I’ve ever had in my life.

Below is a sample of what this great place has to offer.


»Barbecue shrimp, rosemary biscuit
Grilled portobello, braised spinach, bacon, balsamic
»Lobster ravioli, dill cream
»Black and blue bruschetta (seared beef tournedos, garlic, blue cheese sauce)
»Crawfish and crabmeat Parma (like a gratin)
Duck confit egg rolls, spicy soy-apricot glaze
Soup du jour
Baked potato soup
»Roasted garlic soup
Caesar salad
Duck salad

»Chef’s fish selection, crabmeat butter, asparagus
»Grilled Angus filet mignon, mushroom demi-glace
»Pan-seared duck breast, duck leg confit, andouille-cornbread dressing, huckleberry glaze
Grilled salmon, garlic spinach, citrus beurre blanc
Rosemary chicken, mushrooms, linguine
»Molasses glazed pork loin, four-cheese macaroni, baby beans
Baby white veal, portobello crabmeat stuffing, asparagus, sherry beurre blanc
Sautéed shrimp, habanero-sesame sauce, vegetable fried rice
»Rabbit sauce piquant, spicy tomato broth, andouille rice pilaf
Roasted eggplant, crawfish and crabmeat butter, sautéed shrimp, hollandaise

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  1. Sounds good , gotta try it

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