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  • Peter Gunz Gives The Breakfast Club The Rundown Of His Love Triangle

Peter Gunz Gives The Breakfast Club The Rundown Of His Love Triangle

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“LAHH” star Peter Gunz chatted it up with The Breakfast Club to explain his love triangle with wife Amina Buddafly and baby momma Tara.

Here’s the backstory (in case watching this mess is far too taxing on your brains):  On the first episode of “LAHH”, we found out that Peter was cheating on his baby mama of thirteen years, Tara, with his artist, Amina. Later on, we found out that Peter and Amina were secretly married!  To keep this straight, Peter’s side chick is now the main chick which makes the former main chick the new side chick! But wait…it gets better.  Peter has seven kids by five different women!  You have to hand it to Mona Scott….she knows how to pick ’em! Peter appeared on The Breakfast Club to talk about his messy love affair earlier this week.  When asked why he married Amina, he explained that it was during a really dark-period with Tara.  When he was quizzed about the true intention of the marriage (e.g. so she could get a green card) he said, “Listen, I’m not gonna marry someone I don’t love. I would never get married to a person I didn’t love. Definitely not for no green card. It was out of love.”  But he did say he regretted that mess. Here are a few other highlights:

On who he’s REALLY with: “It’s still the hardest question in the world to answer. I’m with Amina. Amina and I are married. I know y’all want to kill me out there. All the women want to kill me out there. I’m only giving my best explanation and that’s not excuses. It’s wrong. It’s dead wrong.  ”

On why he married Amina behind Tara’s back: “Just to show Amina–’wait for me. I promise you. I jumped out the window and I did something I regret because Tara didn’t deserve that. She deserved for me to come out and say…’I’m out.’

On his money situation: “I’m not well off, I’m not behind in rent. I take care of rent, I take care of my kids, no child support cases.”

On Mona Scott setting him up so that Amina and Tara would discover the truth about each other: “Mona Magic is ‘Today we are doing the showcase, today y’all filming the intro, nobody is going to see this.’ But why do I have Amina and Tara in the same scene at the same time? You assured me that they aren’t supposed to see each other.”

On Tara: “Tara is dope, man. And I gotta say it again: I’m still very much in love with Tara. I love her, but she’s just done.”

Watch the interview here:


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